From Homeless to Judge, The Sims 4 Success Story Conquered Twitter

The writer Barbara Morrigan spent an unusual game in Sims 4. She started the game as a poor character and decided to bring him to success at all costs. Morrigan posted a progress report on Twitter – First recording thread gained 2 thousand reposts and more than 17 thousand likes. Details of the party, the writer told in an interview with the TJ portal.

The heroine of the story was Betty, a plump, prone to bad luck and laziness. At the beginning of the game, she had only 50 simoleons (a unit of game currency) and an empty piece of land. Betty got two jobs: a loader and a lawn mower, and slept with her neighbor, whom she met on the first day.

After some time, the girl saved up enough money to build herself a small house. She decided to get in shape – she began to run and wash more often thanks to a new soul.

Subscribers writers actively participated in Betty’s life. With their submission, the heroine started a blog on a social network and got a job at the SMM agency. They also helped to choose a guy for the girl by voting.

Betty faced many challenges as the game progressed. Failures at work prevented the girl from saving money for college and building relationships with the opposite sex. In addition, shortly after the start of the game, her neighbor died – the only friend who shared food with her and allowed to spend the night on the couch.

Betty’s story ended with a happy ending: the heroine received the position of a judge, got married and moved to a beautiful house on the seashore. According to Barbara Morrigan, she received several letters of gratitude from subscribers – the story of the fictional Betty gave her the strength to live and believe in the best for Twitter users.

Barbarra morrigan
Barbara Morrigan:

“It sounds a little ridiculous, but some came in handy for a small life-affirming tale about a fictional man who is doing well. In difficult times, it really can become a balm for mental wounds. “

The writer herself does not believe that Betty has always done the right thing. In her opinion, people should not think that success depends only on education, a prestigious profession and compliance with the ideals of appearance.