From an innocent girl to a brutal girl: Ellie’s Evolution in the beautiful poster of The Last of Us Part II

Illustrator and designer David, posting his work on Instagram and Twitter under the nickname Iconic nephilim, presented atmospheric poster The Last of Us Part IIwhere he captured Ellie’s evolution. The image demonstrates the formation of the personality of the main character and her life path from an innocent and inquisitive girl, who is met by a slightly rude and unceremonious Joel, to a cruel girl, embittered by the whole world, seeking to avenge her beloved.

Ellie has gone through a lot in a short time, having changed beyond recognition. Now you can get a glimpse of the most significant moments in her history thanks to the artist’s stunning poster.

Note that earlier David created an equally interesting image. He titled his work “The Cycle of Violence”. The poster underlines the main idea that the authors of The Last of Us Part II are trying to convey to the players – the characters that generate violence unwittingly become hostages of the situation.

The Last of Us Part II was released on June 19 only on PS4.

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