Friday the 13th

I did not even squeak on that first image in which a girl with her back and half naked was waiting irremissibly in the waters of Crystal Lake for her fatal fate at the hands of one of the most emblematic assassins in the history of cinema. I did not find it gra


tuitous but quite the opposite, it was another element that the franchise had cultivated, a level of eroticism that since then have not been lacking in horror films and that seem to punish with death anyone who has the slightest sexual interest .


In the end do not explore such specific topics in the video game Friday the 13th The Game, and that its leaders have advocated a much more direct approach. Not in vain this is a multiplayer in which Jason kills camp supervisors , thus following the obsessive and vengeful orders of his mother, but it would have worked just as well if he had murdered the happy camp


ers or anyone who dared to put in between. After all, this is about killingthe staff or trying to survive, depending on the side in which we play, and I will not hide that they do not feel moments of satisfaction in this game of cat and mouse, however almost always are overshadowed by technical problems, some monotony and the need for more variety and number of contents.


Gameplay Reviewed


The United Family…

If you are a terror lover, you surely know what Friday 13 is, and if not in a single sentence we can summarize it. Jason Voorhees is a supernatural assassin who massacres anyone who gets in front of him. With that premise we have seen mor

e than a dozen films in which initially murdered the managers and supervisors of a summer camp (the reasons, although the film is from 1980, we keep them to avoid incurring spoilers). But then he moved to more and more delirious conte
xts that took him to outer space or even a bloody visit to Manhattan that showed us a being that in the big city felt outside of his world, and that, like Paco Martínez Soria In a homicidal version, he solved all his problems with a machete.


Friday the 13th analysis

The license has been used quite well Friday 13th. The scenarios, Jason himself, the violence …

Actually Friday the 13th The Game forgets all the plot (so we do not miss the decision not to translate it into our language or even


in its texts) bet to go to the origins, and so it becomes strong in three maps that could have been extracted directly from the first tapes. So much so that one of them is the original Crystal Lake , the second one is Packanack , taken from its continuation that hit theaters the following year, and the last one is a Higgins Havenwhere the third m


ovie was set The promise of Illfonic is, in fact, that of adding more locations in the future, something that the game needs like eating, and so little by little we will see even the most absurd ones that we mentioned before for the last deliveries of the cinematographic series, and that they are going to offer without a doubt aesthetic and playable variety to enrich the video game much more.


Friday the 13th PC

At the moment what we have is an asymmetric multiplayer relatively limited in terms of maps and its own possibilities, a title


where seven players in the role of summer camp guards are measured directly to a threat for which they are not prepared: a Jason Voorhees who is absolutely unleashed. So each of the eight people who jump on stage do so in a random place, and from there he starts working to try to win the game. If we play in the role of youngsters, for examp


le, it is not enough to survive, we must try to fulfill objectives. Each map includes a series of them (for example, escaping by car, escaping with the police …), but even these are made up of three or four tasks. To flee with the authorities it is necessary to call them before, and for this we need to repair the phone with certain tools.


They are games of about 20 minutes and a fairly direct style

In the end the peculiarity of the game, and where are its best ideas, lies in the fact that the location of the objects changes randomly . That is to say that to start the vehicle, for example, you need to repair it with a battery and have access to the contact keys, and in each game will be in one place. Not even that guarantees us success, of course, since in

the case of the car you have to drive it, and nobody tells us that Jason will not stop our progress at the stroke of the ax, nor that the clumsy controls of the cars end up provoking that we clash with every imaginable element until Jason reaches our position and does justice to that Darwinian law about the disappearance of the weakest species.


Friday the 13th

Friday the 13th PC

There are only three maps, and the main problem is that they are too similar to each other. It is easy to get tired in the short term.

In the role of Jason, who is a caramelito because of possibilities and playable style, things are very different. We have to kill all the kids, without major complications. Of course it does not hurt to remember that the camp guards have missions and we can sabotage them . It is not about being subtle. For example, the communications box that gives access to the phone


does not react well to hacking, so the task of making life impossible for the other seven players is relatively simple. The difference between one and the other is that human abilities are relatively basic, while the best known member of the Voorhees family has all sorts of supernatural powers. The thing at first glance does not seem fair. the campersthey c


an crouch down to walk quietly, hide under beds or inside closets and manipulate some weapons that will stun Jason for a moment, while the ominous supernatural enemy can teleport to the second anywhere on the stage, can accelerate his speed, grab the other players to kill them instantly or even detect their sources of heat …


A true madness that has caused the alarm of many fans to denounce that this is a serious imbalance. My opinion? Like the rest of the conceptual decisions that the game shows, the idea works and fits in with the universe Friday the 13th. The only way to maintain the justice of an asymmetric multiplayer is to make the weakest link in number much more


powerful qualitatively . And while it is true that everything that Jason has in his hands to be a lethal weapon is tremendous, it is also true that in the games that I have enjoyed the game has been a more or less equitable distribution between who won and who lost. That said the situation causes very hard situations, of course, it’s not a tasteful dish for


anyone to wait a while to find a game, finally enter Higgins Haven, for example, and last only five or six minutes because Jason has teleported by chance by our side. After? It only remains to contemplate the rest of the game without being able to do much more than move betweencameras and screaming of despair when we see the victory of a colleague centimeters away and, finally and only seconds later, what we see is his body in the gutter.


Friday the 13th

Back to Crystal Lake

The thing is that the game of cat and mouse is fun and has some springs and springs very suitable to give us scares if we are survivors, and also some joys. For example Jason is slower than us. As the game progresses and their skills are unlocked, little by little and in a slow but inexorable dribble, it will turn into a killing machine; but it’s not too fast at first and it’s pretty

inefficient. There are even options for the monitors to play a little, or to tease him. Jason is as nimble as his bestial looks, so while camp supervisors can throw themselves through windows or open and close doors with ease, he solves all his problems with a machete
or ax.and, of course, can not jump or go through glass. So, in the beginning it is easy that while we entertain ourselves in opening a door to blows the survivors escape through a window in the back part, but as the time passes the laughter turns into shouts, and the situation is reversed .


Friday the 13th PC

Friday the 13th

The technical problems have been present since the launch. We tend to be compromising when they are aesthetic, but here they affect the gameplay.

They are games of about 20 minutes and a style that I thought was quite direct. With an intellectual property of this caliber I did not expect an overly tactical approach, and I like that everything is so arcade. There is a very nice point in definin


g when we are going to run away fleeing or when we will try to use stealth to go unnoticed, but apart from that and to place some punctual trap or use the nooks and crannies of the stage to make a slip there is not much more than do in the case of the seven characters, and something similar happens with a Jason who can also set traps and ambushesbut whose


planning capacity seems to me somewhat scarce. In the end the fact that the vigilantes of the camp can not carry more than a weapon is an intelligent decision to force us to choose, and there are a number of weapons not very generous but with different functions such as melee tools and others at a distance … In addition to that, if we load for example with a can of gasoline to refuel the car, we can not take a gun at the same time, so it will be necessary to choose. On the other hand, experience bonuses


 are obtained for everything we do, but there is also a bonus that is obtained at the end of the game, so we must wait until it ends to get the most we can get.