Fresh video Victoria 3 dedicated to interest groups, laws and institutions

Creators Victoria 3 in a fresh monthly video, they talked about three important aspects of the global strategy: interest groups, laws and institutions.

Thus, the former are groups of the population with common interests. For example, politically active people are united in trade unions – and the latter act as one of the groups of interests with their own goals. First of all, they are associated with some material wealth and position in society. Although over time, of course, the goals will change.

It should be noted that one and the same person can belong to several groups: as a member of a trade union, he can also be a believer. If you help certain interest groups, you can get important bonuses from them. And vice versa.

As for the laws, everything is pretty clear here too. There are three categories of laws:

  • constitutional – determine the structure of power;
  • economic;
  • human rights laws.

Initially, in Victoria 3, countries will have a variety of laws: somewhere there is a monarchy, somewhere a republic, somewhere slavery, free trade or mercantilism is widespread.

Over time, players will change laws, which can be difficult if opposed by interest groups. But if the latter require change, it will be much easier to pass new laws. In addition, at times events will push for a change in laws.

And finally, in the video, we touched on the topic of public institutions – these are the police, health care, education and similar long-term systems, directed outward or inward.

Institutions, of course, can be influenced by laws: if you provide education to the church, you will reduce the burden on the state budget, but increase the influence of that very church. Conversely, if you take on new functions for the state, be prepared for increased costs, etc. So some institutions may be too expensive and will have to be phased out.

The release date for Victoria 3 remains unknown, but the developers reported that from the date of release, the strategy will appear on Xbox Game Pass.

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