Why zombie movies are so boring? Typical such a horror – it’s some cavalcade illogical actions, when a handful of brave men breaking into an empty shopping center and instead methodically erecting barricades and other types of fortifications corny divided by one, sadly podyhaya in the dark corners of the rebels dead, who want to enjoy the loins (and not only) parts of the body of the doomed hero.

“Idiots, why have you scattered throughout the building / not barricaded wall / flooded on the undead with a penknife?” – something like thinking people communicate with monitors and TVs while watching the next “blockbuster” zombie.

Those who are sick and tired of staring blankly into the picture tube, watching how clumsily men confront hordes of the living dead, can try to personally otgrohat a fort, to provide it with all sorts of traps and methodically distribute headshots in zombaki vyzhivalcheskoy sandbox Fortnite from Epic Games.

A brief educational program.

Fortnite story began back in 2011, during the internal geymdzhema company. It was then conceived the idea of ​​the game, which will be of a frenzied mixture of Minecraft and Left 4 Dead – the developers have decided to join the construction of the base and destroy the undead with weapons. Thus it is possible to operate either alone or coordinate a team of four people. At the end of the same year managing Epic Games designer Cliff Bleszinski, he announced the project and even showed him the original logo. At the same time and released their first teaser.

Three years later it started a short alpha testing (from 2 to 19 December 2014), after which came another period of silence. Work on the game continued with renewed vigor. Finally, in 2017 the project was released in early access. The opportunity to play, you can get it right now, financially support the developer at least 1200 rubles. However, the full version of the game will be free, but who wish to build their own shelter will have to wait until 2018. Whether it is worth to wait Fortnite?

Tell me the two key words …

The phrase “early access” seriously beginning to scare players – some projects are more than a dozen months are in a kind of “limbo” state, and the players are always complaining Ghastlier optimization, slurred gameplay with a ton of bugs, crashes, brakes, trying unsuccessfully to enjoy the pleasant setting. However, the content in this case – a cat laugh. Especially taking into account the fact that cats do not cry. In order not to call upon the wrath of the haters and the cannonade of exploding ass, I would not call these projects, but everyone will remember at least one example of a canon.

In the case of Fortnite, “Early Access” does not need to be afraid. Looking ahead to say that if you remove the banner “Early Access” with loading screens, it is unlikely that anyone would guess that in front of them appeared unfinished game. Joking aside, the content at this stage very much.

A bit about the plot.

Plot, as such, in no Fortnite. There is a world that has covered the dark incomprehensible substance, called the storm. Get rid of the consequences of this storm, you can use the activation of storm panels. In each location the player or group of players have to activate the storm shield and protect him from his enemies. Access to locations opened sequentially, while increasing the overall level of power.

Hard to learn – easy in the lesion.

The game world is divided into an impressive number of locations, missions, the main purpose of which is to erect a fort around the key object, and subsequent defense of it from the hordes Mozglyakov – so decided to call the zombie developers.

For the construction and craft resources should be sought. Core resources of all three – it’s wood, metal and stone. A randomly generated map the player can destroy absolutely everything – houses, cars, gas stations, attractions for children, and even trees with bushes. Destroying them, the player gets the key ingredients.



After a couple hours of play need for these three resources is no longer – the player is quickly gaining a limit of 999 units each. But few details that are used to create traps and weapons, come across very often. To destroy any object you need to grind on his pickax. If you get the key points – the object is destroyed faster.