For Metro 4 revealed a new engine with a new generation of graphics

Game developers Metro: Exodus (“Metro: Exodus») From the studio 4A games revealed the features of their new engine, which will create a shooter Metro 4 for a new generation of consoles.

As became known, representatives of 4A Games officially announced that in their future project for the new generation of gaming platforms, the studio will use only RTX (real-time ray tracing) as gaming lighting. Before the release of the new generation of consoles PS5 and Xbox Series X, the developers of Metro: Exodus are confident that ray tracing (RTX) will become a key element in the design and development of new AAA games, and therefore developers are going to completely abandon the old techniques for simulating plausible lighting, and focus only on new modern possibilities. Therefore, Metro 4, which is already being developed by the studio, will present realistic lighting with RTX and other graphic features that were not possible on the current generation of platforms.

Interestingly, the shooter Metro: Exodus a year ago was one of the first major games that partially supported technology Nvidia RTX on top-end graphics cards. The shooter Metro: Exodus has also become one of the most technologically advanced projects of the past year, according to many critics and gamers. In addition, the studio continued to improve the technology in the game even in the storyline DLC – “Two Colonels” and “Sam’s Story”, released after the release of the main game.

Recently, the game Metro: Exodus with all content was released on PC on Steam a year after exclusivity in the Epic Games Store service. The project immediately appeared in the tops of Steam sales, as many players had been waiting for the release of the game in Steam for many months. Currently, the authors have finished supporting Metro: Exodus, and are developing Metro 4 for the PS5 and Xbox Series X. The release date of Metro 4 is still unknown.