Finally free

It is no coincidence that the title of Robot Entertainment, initially focused around the Siege mode, has faced a major change with the abandonment of the direct competitive component that clearly distinguished it, extolling the MOBA component, from the two previous chapters.


Part of the community has not taken the abandonment of the five against five mode, seen as a surrender of the developers facing the difficulties of balancing, but many have appreciated the decision to concentrate their efforts on the formula of the two original chapters, both based, like Unchained, on the combination of hordes of orcs, tons of traps worthy of the more complex tower defense and an important action component.


There are, however, rather important features that include the free-to-play structure and the new sabotage mode that joins the infinite, the weekly challenges and the Battlegrounds mode, like the others designed to be played alone or with a maximum of two companions.

Finally, the time has come to deal with the full version of Orcs Must Die! Unchained


All game mechanics can be unlocked by playing, even if things can be sped up by putting a hand to real money that allows you to buy both the prize boxes, and the currency of the game that allows you to unlock the heroes and upgrade the traps. But the wallet is strictly necessary only for the purchase of Vanity boxes that contain objects whose function is purely aesthetic.


This means that Orcs Must Die! Unchained is a free-to-play based on the placement of traps and guardians, essential to stem hordes of monsters that swarm from one or more portals towards a dimensional breach that we must absolutely defend.

Finally free
Finally free

By eliminating creatures and placing particular devices we get coins that, wave after wave, allow us to build real engineering works, lethal labyrinths that become more effective by unlocking and activating upgrades that help to throw, dismember, block and torment monsters in every imaginable way.


But the victory also passes through our direct intervention, under the command of a hero who can cooperate alongside two others and can be chosen by a roster of sixteen champions, five of which are immediately available, which can count on


differentiated statistics, basic attack , secondary attack, special abilities and a dozen upgrade possibilities related to the hero’s progression during a game. Among these are the classic ones that increase resistance and speed, but the upgrades reach the Unchained ability that increases the damage of a hero and reduces the recovery time, making our role on the decisive field even in moments of greater chaos.


On the skills front, unfortunately, the headshot is missing, with the tutorial that reminds us with a joke from the bitter aftertaste, but there are combos that reward the ability to make an enemy receive damage from as many different sources as possible.


Anyhow, but there are the combos that reward the ability to make an enemy receive damage from as many different sources as possible. Anyhow, but there are the combos that reward the ability to make an enemy receive damage from as many different sources as possible.


Anyhow,although the renunciation of the siege mode takes away a bit of biting and vivacity to the action, moving with timing, without forgetting the companions, is very important, especially in the new sabotage mode that recovers part of the competitiveness by


allowing two teams to challenge the same map in parallel. Committed to protecting their bases, the two teams have random cards available that can guarantee bonuses, weaken enemy heroes or make them face more monsters. The purpose is to use them at the right time and to do so,


given the impossibility of directly observing the match of the antagonists, you need to keep an eye on a mini-map that shows the position


of heroes and opposing monsters. The result is a rather quick and compelling way, although made unbalanced by the randomness of the cards, from the lack of voice chat and the possibility to bring the enemy team to its knees with a single successful move. The rest of the experience is


composed of battlefields that ask us to overcome a certain number of waves, from weekly challenges that impose a default setup starting from the heroes and the infinite mode that works like any survival asking us to resist the more waves possible.