Final “,” Get the Knives “,” Joker “- review

We choose the best pictures of 2019.

review addiction sums up the year! Until December 31, every day we will release new material on the most outstanding works in a particular nomination. And we’ll start with the movies.

2019 was the worst year for mass cinema in the last decade. The quality of the vast majority of major films ranged from “average” to outright “garbage”. As a result, by the end of December, we could not even get the top ten and were limited to five. But then every picture in it really deserves your attention.

Fifth place – “Shazam!”

Movie of the year

Monotonous film comics have already filled everyone’s edge. That’s why Warner Bros. decided to make them … diverse. To beat for different audiences, to produce pictures under the same brand that are diametrically opposed in tone and content, so that by the end of the year no one goes offended. And the first film from the doubles set for 2019 was “Shazam!” – pure comedy family comedy, both postmodern and imbued with the spirit of the classics of the eighties and nineties.

First of all, “Shazam!” Is a peppy and funny movie with sincerely infantile, but therefore no less accurate jokes. In essence, this is how it should look Deadpool with a rating of PG-13 (and not as a misunderstanding into which the second part was turned). There is a parody of superheroic in the film of David F. Sandberg and a celebration of its coolest pieces. And there is in it, sorry for the pathos, soul. “Shazam!” Is the story of an orphan who seeks his place in the world and learns, and far from immediately, to trust people. And certain moments in the picture really touch.

If you are looking for a cute New Year’s fairy tale with an excellently set action, an abundance of humor and unobtrusive morality, then “Shazam!” Is perfect.

Fourth Place – Avengers: Final

Movie of the year

The grand ending of the epic, which lasted more than ten years, and at the same time the highest grossing film of all time. Is it the best in the series? Well, perhaps not. But still very worthy.

That “The final” will not be able to surpass “The war of infinity”, it became clear already in the final credits of the latter. Too spectacular came the culmination of the saga – once again just to squeeze the audience into chairs and to impress the Rousseau brothers as well would not work. But they did not seem to try. The continuation bet was made not on a twisted plot, but on drama and fan-service. The last “Avengers” is a debriefing, farewell to the heroes who managed to become pop-cultural icons in our real world. This is a solemn salvo of all the guns hung on the walls. It’s just a very large and rich movie “for its own people” – there is no reason for the casual viewer to watch it.

Third Place – “Once Upon a Time … in Hollywood”

Movie of the year

Speaking of films “for their own” – Quentin Tarantino made just such a movie. And it divided the audience into two camps: some suffer from boredom, unsuccessfully try to find the thread of the plot, barely get through a string of names and faces … and others just bliss. “Once Upon a Time … in Hollywood” – stunningly atmospheric, unhurried and in the highest possible degree stylish movie. If Tarantino hadn’t taken pity on the studio bosses, he would surely have stretched the picture for five hours – he loves the era shown so much and everything connected with it. This love is felt in every frame and in each of hundreds of references to tapes of the 60s. Costumes, music, scenery – nowhere more authentic.

And in the film there is a hilarious Leonardo DiCaprio, incredibly brutal Brad Pitt and the most daring rewriting of history since the time of Tarantino’s Inglourious Basterds.

Second place – “Get the knives”

Movie of the year

Ryan Johnson has collected all the knives that fans threw at him Star wars, and shot about them a delightful ironic detective from a cloud of stars. In the story, the venerable writer Harlan Tromby assembles his large family on the occasion of his 85th birthday. The holiday is not very successful, and the next day the old man is found with his throat cut. Almost every member of the family is under suspicion. Or is it suicide? Unravel the case is taken not only by the police, but also by the renowned private investigator Benoit Blanc.

Johnson and follows the rules of the detective, and bypasses them, showing the moment of death of Tromby, not even reaching the middle of the film. The intrigue doesn’t go away on this – the viewer will find out more details about the motley family, learn to trust no one but his intuition, and laugh a lot. A brilliant acting ensemble, an inventive script and a sense of wholeness, rare for today’s paintings, all do this “Get the knives” one of the best films of 2019.

First Place – The Joker

Movie of the year

It was easy. Thanks to Todd Phillips for relieving us of the need to choose between the “smart” movie that commentators demanded last year and hype movie comics, because “Joker” falls into both categories, and to the highest positions.

IN initial review we noticed the secondary and simplicity of the script, but, as it turned out shortly after the premiere, it was a ruse. For all the apparent straightforwardness of the story told, the Joker is more than open to different interpretations. At least three popular interpretations of what they actually showed us walk on the network. Some take everything at face value, others are convinced that the events of the film are literally crazy nonsense, while others see a social satire in which each character represents a layer of our society. And none of the proposed versions can be called erroneous. This ideally matches the very essence of the character, who has a million and one versions of origin and not a single canonical one – choose which one you like best.

But this is with regard to the script, and there is still a verified visual series without a single extra frame, the music of Hildur Gudnadottir sneaking to the bone and, of course, the amazing acting of Joaquin Phoenix. And if the “Joker” does not receive a golden statuette at least for his efforts, then at the Oscars you can finally put an end to it.

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