Final Fantasy 7 Remake offer to get for free

It became known that one of the most anticipated actions of 2023 Final Fantasy VII Remake offer to get completely free.

The official remake of the cult action game Final Fantasy VII will have a few months left, but players will have the opportunity to try out the game in advance, reports. The Gamstat portal, which tracks changes in the PS Store digital store, has discovered the logo of the new game. A free trial version of Final Fantasy VII Remake should appear in the service. It is still unknown what part of the game will be available for passing, since the company is officially Square enix has not yet announced a demo.

The release date for Final Fantasy VII Remake has not yet been disclosed, reports. Judging by the appearance of the logo, the release will take place very soon. In addition, the full version of the remake should go on sale March 3, 2023. About two months remain before the release. Often, it is at this moment that the developers provide a demo version to warm up the players’ interest in the expected new product. Fans hope that she will come out in the coming days to brighten up their holidays.

The Final Fantasy VII Remake action is a complete remake of one of the most popular parts of the franchise. The release is scheduled for March 3, 2023 on the PS4 console. The game will be a temporary platform exclusive. The release on PC and Xbox One is expected a year later.