Until 2004, EA Sports have virtually no competitors. Canadians quietly experimenting, so from year to year FIFA version is radically different from each other.

Experienced gamers (in the community they are called “Fifer”) will distinguish easily from the FIFA 2003 FIFA 2004 and any screenshot. However, about the same time, in the beginning of zero in Japan has intensified the company Konami.

Asians released the same football games under two different names – Pro Evolution Soccer and Winning Eleven. Compared with their FIFA cover looked a little country style, but people were happy to try something new.

Paphos football festival in FIFA started directly from the cover disc

PES creators immediately called his creation ‘simulator’, with the emphasis on realism. For example, if in the FIFA 2002 World Cup ball after hard blows with a magical flying fiery plume, the Pro Evolution Soccer it was close to the real football.

Least of all the questions were in physics: even after hours of play in a smooth PES, FIFA seemed too abrupt, rapid and implausible.

But the disadvantages of the Japanese simulator also had. Eternal of them – the lack of licenses. In FIFA all teams had expired forms with names of sponsors, and those rubbings with pictures of players. The PES is not so engaged, so the Japanese “Chelsea” was called “London FC”, “Manchester United” – “Man Red”, and virtual Francesco Totti was like a real striker “Roma” very roughly.

But gamers, these deficiencies are not repelled. By 2008, there was a sad situation for EA Sports. FIFA 08 with a nice menu, traced the stands and the famous career mode on all platforms sold worse than PES of the same year. The reason – a phenomenal realism Japanese simulator.

Most often, the game from Konami passed those who have already played enough in FIFA: people like the lack of “Chelsea” and other top clubs almost did not bother.

PES 08. The graphics in PES for a long time experienced the hardships of Japanese minimalism

The EA Sports this failure perceived extremely painful. To enhance the realism of Canadians formed a task force to analyze the motion of the leading players. football stars got personality: in laboratories for them glued sensors asked to hit the ball, run and jump, and then transferred to “physics” on the screen. In Konami this will not come down, so in 2011 FIFA caught up with the PES, and in 2012, the Japanese have remained far behind.

Now the real battle of developers, in fact, does not exist. In FIFA all worked out to the last detail, have a stable multiplayer and exciting game pumped presence Ultimate Team mode. With it you can collect the unstoppable team and smash all online.

Advantages PES – perfectly traced the person licensed players (headliner PES 16 – Neymar of “Barcelona”) and the famous smooth, due to which the matches sometimes seem real football broadcasts. However, this feeling passes quickly: firstly, PES still voiced tedious and terse commentators, and secondly, just a closeup of the unlicensed player to understand – it’s just a game.

Revolution, which all have been waiting for this year, there was not in FIFA, either in PES. But change is still lacking – for them we describe below.


At the end of May this year revealed that EA Sports will add to the game Women’s National Team – The news immediately caused a wild response, because earlier in the football game got only men’s clubs and national teams.

For the first time, Canadians were limited to ten women’s teams, and Russia is not among them – our team is too low in the world rankings. There are Australia, Britain, Brazil, Germany, Spain, Italy, Canada, China, Mexico, the USA, France and Sweden.

As is the case with men, EA Sports specialists went to Alex Morgan (USA), Kristine Sinkler (Canada) and Stefani Hyuton (England): running style and beats these football players copied from real life. The rest of the ladies are made in the image and likeness.

They run a little slower than men, not so selflessly fly to feed on the flank, but worse goalkeepers react to long shots. Women’s teams play really exciting – “Physics” is markedly different from the usual “Real” and “Bavaria”: there is a set of tricks Gareta Beyla and Arjen Robben is repeated over the years, and for women as long as everything is new.

The second major innovation – speed. It seems that this is the slowest FIFA in the new millennium: to get away from the defender can only be if he took the wrong position. But if the defense player had to stand in front of the striker, will either have to make the transfer to the partner (that is, combined, it is always interesting), or use feints (which is still spectacular). Consequently, the gamers who bet was made on the individual skills of Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang and Walcott have to change the philosophy and adapt to new conditions.

And the third advantage – exclusive to Russia. With the FIFA 2007 game always present commentator Vasily Solovyov (usually commented figure skating, but EA Sports for some reason chose it). Over the years, Solovyov was assisted by Vasily Utkin and Yuriy Rozanov. Now it’s time for George and Constantine Cherdantseva Genich – two of the most sought-after commentators “NTV-Plus” at the moment. Their invitation is also justified because the phrases recorded Solovyov and Rozanov, repeated in the game for years, and now gamers finally give something fresh.

The most serious drawback of FIFA 16 – mobile version. One may say that these Phifer are cut only in Play Station or Xbox (PC not listed among them for five years), but when the full version of FIFA is not in the App Store, either in Play Market – it’s a disaster. The first – FIFA 16 Ultimate Team only works if the Internet connection. Second – in FIFA 16 UT no career mode, no clubs (only the team that collects himself) or multiplayer (with a friend to play will not work).

The third – the engine has not changed for four years, with FIFA 13 Mobile: games simply cloned. And the fourth – the mobile version seemed to have forgotten to pack Constantine Genich. Cherdantsev often refers to a colleague, says “we,” but Genich responds once every few games. This is an obvious bug and solve it can only update that yet. True,

The other innovations quite small, for example, added “Draft” mode that can be used with high probability to get into its Ultimate-command superstar caliber Suarez, Rooney or Azar. Previously, they could either be bought for real money or for a long time to save the coin slot, or rely on the crazy luck.


If you go on gaming forums, the verbal battles between fans of PES and FIFA will be no less stringent than those between fans of Dota 2 and Leage Of Legends. Given the fact that the Japanese and the Canadians are doing about the same thing (football simulator), this situation looks strange.

The main reason for the dispute adherents FIFA and PES – whether realistic exchange for the presence of licensed clubs and teams? This discussion lasts for more than 10 years and complete it can only Konami executives. To do this, they need to allocate 3-5 million euros (according to various sources) for the purchase of club licenses. Only then will the Asian simulator able to compete with FIFA is more or less equal.

In the meantime, all sad. The “real” clubs in PES not even fill out the group stage of the Champions League (where 32 teams). Multiplayer mode gives Canadian in a variety of tournaments and stability of the compound. Mobile version there for three years – in Japan just stopped doing them. Famous engine PES Fox Engine is only supported consoles: people who prefer to play on the computer, get a simulator with old by the standards of 2015 “physics”. And the climax: in the game, which was released this fall, does not include the summer transfers: their apology, promise to add in the near future with the update.

On the other hand, Asians redrawn menu (previously, it was like a menu with games for SEGA), made a divine plan for consoles and significantly speed up the game – the ball moves between players faster than in previous versions. This is surprising, but easy to get used to: Konami again fell into the rhythm of the football. Even in the Japanese game has no traditional FIFA bug. Canadians goalkeepers then skip all that flies in the target, then it turns into an impenetrable wall. In the process of beating beats PES implemented differently: errors occur much less frequently, but also to score savory shot from a distance is quite real.


Mobile platforms and PC Japanese good-naturedly gave competitors: for iOS and Android PES did not come out, in principle, as for computers appeared, but obviously outdated. With consoles this is the case: PES is slightly larger than FIFA in terms of realism, but the Canadian simulator leaves no chance for part of the entourage, diversity mode, the sound quality (it is in FIFA always on top), and there is a real, and not imaginary players. Bonus – Women’s teams: when tired of playing for the “Borussia” or “Atletico”, you can always run the US match against Australia.

Choose the game should be, depending on the requirements of the gamer. If the simulator is necessary for the soul as well as a rival arrange artificial intelligence, you can take the PES. But if you want to play with real people, the choice is obvious – FIFA 16.