Favorite full-height wifu – Taiwanese sculptor creates an impressive 2B statue from NieR: Automata

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Android girl 2B from role-playing action NieR: Automatadeveloped by Platinum games, almost immediately since its inception, it has acquired the status of a sex symbol among the male half of gamers, becoming one of the most popular female heroines. It is not surprising that 2B acquired an incredible amount of fan illustrations, various merchandise, cosplay, and of course all kinds of figures.

However, one talented fan of the game from Taiwan was not enough ordinary figures – he wanted to create a full-length 2B sculpture, which he brought to life by sharing photos of his creation in Twitter. To create a full-size model of a sexual android, a fan used a 3D printer.

“Finally, my dream came true,” the sculptor wrote.

To complete the sculpture, it remains only to paint it, after which, according to the vision of the creator, it should acquire this form:

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