Faraday Protocol Adventure Puzzle Released August 12 – review Addiction

Publisher Deck13 Spotlight and a small Italian studio Red koi box announced a release date for a story-driven first-person puzzle adventure Faraday Protocol… The game will be available on August 12 on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch and PC (in Steam and GOG).

In the game, we will get the role of a space archaeologist from the planet Kunor, and the whole story will begin with an important mission: a mysterious signal has been received from an unknown star system, and we need to go in search of its source.

The source of the signal turns out to be a mysterious OVOP structure, full of puzzles and challenges. A device that redistributes energy, a bi-weapon, will help to cope with it. And by studying the territory, finding records and communicating with the artificial intelligence leading us through the territory, we can find out who built this place.

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