Far Cry 6 showed on Xbox Series X

Developers Far cry 6 led by a narrative director Navid Hawari held a live broadcast, during which a large fragment of the gameplay of the upcoming shooter, launched directly on the next generation console, was shown Xbox series x

During the stream, the study of the open world was shown, the capture of an enemy outpost with intense firefight, as well as the implementation of various missions, customization of the character’s appearance, various weapons and other gameplay components.

Demonstration of the game took place in parallel with the release of previews of Far Cry 6 from various publications. Journalists familiar with the novelty write that the general mood of the sixth part of the series is similar to the third. Moreover, most of all, it differs from its predecessors in its scope – the local open world is simply huge

“Far Cry 6 loses no time and goes straight to the main action. The events taking place in the first hour of the game seemed like they could not wait to send you into the wild – wreak havoc. You will quickly get access to such abilities as using the grappling hook, modification of weapons, support for companion animals, the use of a parachute, and, yes, the ability to carry along with an additional two main types of weapons, while not spending any experience points. Worlds. It’s also great that Far Cry 6 is really focused on getting you up to speed – and introducing you to a huge new world – as soon as possible, “writes the editor Xbox Wire Mike Nelson in your material “Six reasons to play Far Cry 6“.

Release Far cry 6 will take place October 7th on Playstation 5, Xbox Series X | S, Playstation 4, Xbox one, Stadia and PC (Epic Games Store, Uplay).

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