Note to Fans of the Legend of Zelda and Earthbound: Gamers and Journalists Warmly Welcome the Beautiful Game Eastward

Debuted at Nintendo Switch and PC RPG adventure game Eastwardcreated by the studio Pixpil with the support of the publishing house Chucklefish, collects mostly positive reviews from the press.

Average rating on sites Opencritic and Metacritic is 84 points out of 100 possible. Journalists celebrate a gripping story, vivid characters, expressive visuals and catchy music that complements the rest of the adventure well.

Reviewers have compared Eastward to a number of classics from the past, such as The legend of zelda and Earthboundwhile emphasizing that the development of Pixpil stands out with its own visual style and mood.

At the same time, the action component of the novelty seemed weak to some journalists. There were also publications that found signs of racism and other “inappropriate scenes” in Eastward, for which the rating was lowered.

Steam average Eastward rating based on several thousand reviews fixed on position “very positive”.

“In the not so distant future, civilization begins to collapse, and humanity is on the verge of extinction. Deadly substance streams through the earth, destroying and distorting everything in its path. Those who are lucky enough to avoid poisonous fumes are trying to establish their lives in underground shelters. But one hardworking the miner and his mysterious companion leave the safe dungeon and go to the surface …

Escape the tyranny of an underground hideout with our incredible couple and embark on an exciting journey outside! The railroad will take you to strange but beautiful cities with a wide variety of inhabitants, “says Eastward’s official description.

Eastward gained public attention after several demonstrations at Nintendo Direct presentations. Users, in particular, immediately liked the visual style of the game.