Fans believe that on March 4, Hideo Kojima’s studio announces the new Silent Hill

In the fall, fans of Hideo Kojima began to suspect that a game designer might work on a new Silent hill.

Kojima Productions appeared on Twitter yesterday with a seemingly unremarkable tweet, which the agitated community. It contains a photograph of one of the studio staff, who, looking at the camera, speaks on the phone, writing on the sticker “Next week!“. In this case, the inscription “Pyramid“, And in the text of the tweet is the word Silent.
But that’s not all: in January, the original Silent Hill designer Masahiro Ito announcedthat he is working on an unannounced project, which he hopes “will not be canceled.” And yesterday, he unexpectedly announced that the pyramid-headed died. But why is this important?
In 2017, Ito talked about creating a monster that was intended for the story of James in Silent Hill 2, but in no way was supposed to be almost the hallmark of the series. how admitted an artist, if he had taken up the new Silent Hill, he would have either not used the pyramid-headed or would have killed him at the very beginning.

Well, the final: next week, March 4, is the anniversary of the Japanese release of the original Silent Hill.

We will follow the news, but for now put off the conspiracy thesis textbooks. It will be interesting to know if the community has unraveled this generally uncomplicated riddle.

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