Fan-made remake of Dino Crisis has got a new gameplay trailer and details

A team of enthusiasts from Team arklay, as previously promised, introduced an expanded version of the gameplay demo remake Dino crisis on the engine Unreal engine 4which he is currently working on.

A three-minute video allows you to take a closer look at the project. In particular, to study the environment of familiar locations, different types of dinosaurs and other elements, including the main character of the game Regina.

In addition, Team Arklay published a video diary in which it shared the details of the creation of the project.

From the video, the following became known:

  • A five-person team is working on a fan-made remake of Dino Crisis;
  • The project feels about 40% complete;
  • The fate of the project may be affected by the requirement to stop its development by Capcom, or the announcement of an official remake;
  • An amateur remake will offer expanded areas and new elements.

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