Famous 88-year-old fan of Animal Crossing began acquaintance with New Horizons – video

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88 year old grandmother named Audrey, made famous last year thanks to my love of the game Animal Crossing: New Leaf for Nintendo 3DSwhich she spent more 4,000 hours, began to get acquainted with the recently released new part of the popular life simulator.

In a new video published by her grandson, an indie developer Paul HubansAudrey unpacks a limited console Nintendo switch, designed in the style of the new part of Animal Crossing, for the acquisition of which grandmother raised money for her grandmother.

After unpacking the prefix, she proceeds to familiarize herself with the game itself, starting with customizing the appearance of her avatar, to whom she, as in the previous game, gave the name Ody, as well as the choice of her island. Judging by the heroine’s emotions, the new hit from Nintendo, like the console itself, was to her taste.

Despite the availability of the new part of Animal Crossing, grandmother is not going to abandon the previous game in which she already played 4,300 hours. In particular, for the reason that there were flowers left in her, for which she looked after.

Her grandson expressed hope that her grandmother would have time for both parts of her favorite series.

Interestingly, the new game has an NPC character named Odi. Fans believe that Nintendo could have named him after her gamer’s grandmother, inspired by her story.

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