Famitsu: Nearly a third of the start of the Japanese edition of Death Stranding was implemented in digital format

Last number Weekly famitsu disclosed Japanese sales of landmark projects in digital format for the period from October 29 to November 24. The largest circulation were realized Pokemon sword & shield and Death stranding.

Hideo Kojima’s latest work was sold in PS Store in the amount of 109.375 copies, this amounted to 31.7% of the total circulation for the starting month (345.186 copies).

Of course, Pokemon Sword & Shield overshadowed this figure. November sales of the latest game Gamefreak a total of 2,376,720 copies, of which 629,636 copies were sold through a digital store (26.5% of the total circulation for the month).

Luigi’s Mansion 3 It was sold in the amount of 72,600 copies in digital form, as a result of which the total number of copies sold as of the end of November reached 331,519. Persona 5 Royal sold 60,473 copies in total, with a total print run of 292,690.

Romancing Saga 3 It was released exclusively in digital form, and its sales amounted to 53,288 copies on the Nintendo Switch and 43,769 copies on the PS4.

Death Stranding turned out to be a pretty popular game. In Japan, in the first week, she set a record for starting sales among the new generation of new IPs, and in the UK she became the second largest PS4 exclusive in 2019 after Days Gone.

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