False Alarm: Tekken x Street Fighter Fighting Hasn’t Been Canceled

TV series producer Tekken Katsuhiro Harada denied yesterday’s press reports about the cancellation of Tekken x Street Fighter, announced more than 10 years ago… The game designer explained that his words were translated incorrectly. In reality, the project is not closed, but “frozen” or “paused”. It is not in active production, but Harada hopes that one day his team will have the opportunity to bring the fighting game to completion.

“The status of Tekken x Street Fighter has not actually changed since I last mentioned it. And that probably has little enjoyment for both you and us. We still hope to resume development of Tekken x Street Fighter when we get the chance. For now, just waiting for the right moment. “

Harada is currently focusing on developing the main Tekken series and further popularizing the Tekken 7 fighting game.

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