Fallout & nbsp; 76 received the Rule of Steel update with the start of the fifth season

Fallout 76 Receives Rule of Steel Update With Season 5 Launch

Developers Fallout 76 of Bethesda Game Studios announced the beginning of the fifth season and the release of the “Power of Steel” update.
Reign of Steel continues the story of Dawn of Steel and concludes the Brotherhood of Steel storyline. A new questline, Legendary Power Armor and Legendary crafting system await players.
In addition, the authors updated the wallet so that players can store more caps, gold bars and certificates, added a new gold bar merchant named Minerva, and also added new parameters for legendary items and made changes to the balance of existing ones.
In Season 5, players will have 100 levels of rewards with the ability to level up indefinitely. New Special Challenges, Ability Cards, Legendary Crafting Components, and more await players who have reached level 100.
A full description of the update can be found here.
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