Fallout 4: Far Harbor

When advertising Fallout 4: of Far Harbor , Bethesda special emphasis on the fact that, say, this is the biggest addition in the company’s history. And it seems to me, a few wrong accents. The Elder Scrolls III: Bloodmoon and TESIV: Shivering Isles seem to be at least solid and ambitious. It would be better to say that of Far Harbor – perhaps the most non-linear and varied in terms of the passage of the addon in the history of Bethesda .

Fallout 4: Far Harbor game review

Crab-motorist? But…

Call of Cthulhu

Island Far Harbor was once a national park, and now its main attraction – a poisonous radioactive mist blanketed everything around. We find ourselves here at the request of parents whose daughter fled to the island, Sint colony, and immediately feel lavkraftovskuyu atmosphere. On the shore – the corpses of big fish and gloomy, angry people who can be used as a weapon a harpoon and gaff and as a helmet – a trap for crabs.

They say that the fog creates monsters, and, indeed, then, in the depths of the island, you will come across unknown monsters – some to swallow, tumannikov, anglers (eg local water) nabredote skeletons monsters the size of a house and even do battle with a giant crab that as the shell uses a rusty wagon on wheels.

It seems that here, among the water and fog, hiding something even more insane, some cult of Cthulhu with her. And the cult, and madness will be – responsible for them Children of the Atom community who believe in the Holy radiation. That’s just as Cthulhu himself acts fog – that is worshiped, it was he who creates monsters, not only on the local marshes, but also in the minds of others …

Figaro there, Figaro here!

Indeed, the main monster and the main enemies of the people living on this island – is born fog of fear, suspicion and hatred, who are experiencing three local groups – people from the coastal settlement of Acadia synths and Children of the Atom, who settled in the belly of a huge nuclear submarines. Someone with someone fragile peace, someone – an open war. But each group is ready to destroy others. And even those who are eager to tell everyone: “Let’s live together!”, Ready for the world to go for the kill – and not one!

Fallout 4: Far Harbor game review

Feral ghouls then watch movies, and super mutants living in an airplane and trade with people.

It is clear that a player in such a situation, a lot of work. And not only related to the battles. And this – the main achievement of the addon, and its main difference from the original, approximating Far Harbor to the best moments of the New Vegas and amendments thereto. In the original story for a long time accelerates, and only closer to the finale begins to put us in front of more or less meaningful choice between the interests of different factions, then the writers immediately take the player in turn.

Already ten minutes after arriving we just ask, are we ready to destroy one of the three communities. After another ten minutes, another dilemma: shoot bald missionary Children of the Atom or agree to enter into its worship? And if you go through the story, and not be distracted by side quests (many of them, but mostly it’s shooting, cleaning of premises and search for objects), the concentration of such solutions will pleasantly surprise those who like that from Bethesda have not waited – ie veterans the first parts of Fallout .

misty choice

And the choice is not always obvious. It should tear the old cultist or a gray world, women on earth? Commit murder, as expected, it is possible to pass or to persuade him to confess in everything, but it will lead to the deaths of dozens of innocent people. A woman who learns from you that she really synth, now, of course, is to know the truth – but it further with this truth to live?