Fable resurgence, major Japanese exclusive and Forza Motorsport reload: rumors of Microsoft plans appear

There is a new portion of rumors with 4channow about Microsoft. The report said the company plans to hold two digital events soon – in May and June. The next one will be dedicated again to the hardware stuffing of the console and represents the final and complete disclosure. Xbox Series X. In June, an event with announcements of games will be held, which will replace the classic Microsoft press conference at E3.

In addition, the user spoke in more detail about the future Fable. It is noted that the game will be beautiful, with a world that was created manually using photogrammetry and partially generated procedurally. Other projects that we are supposed to see in the next couple of months, include Halo Infinite, something new from Obsidian Entertainment, a reboot of Forza Motorsport and a “large exclusive IP” from a Japanese studio.

We would not pay attention to the information if not for the comments of other Microsoft insiders. Timdog spoke outthat some of this data is correct. A Klobrille, who previously published the correct information on the acquisitions of Microsoft studios and much more, commented on the rumors with a gif of a nut-chewing squirrel, without refuting anything.

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