F1 2017

UK studio Codemasters has long zaimela reputation as a leader in the creation of the “theme” of racing games, especially their series Colin McRae and F1. 

As in rally competitions named Mr. McRae, in a series devoted to “royal” race, had its ups and downs. But this year, Codemasters have surpassed themselves – systematic “bringing to mind” like a team of mechanics and technicians, korpyaschih over his fireballs, Codemasters this year, “rolled out”, perhaps the best simulator in Formula 1 in recent years, and certainly the best game series F1.

Taking the last year’s F1 2016 British igrodelov into play a number of improvements and innovations to represent the fans of Formula 1 gaming experience – not only as close as possible to the reality of one of the most popular racing championships in the world, but also absolutely saturated as the authentic content ” on “ , and a variety of gaming activity ” based on “ .


Role of the race

The highlight of the program, according to tradition, was the mode of Career , which this time has exceeded all our expectations. Codemastersso deep into “okologonochnuyu” activity that created a real synthesis of the auto-simulator …, and role-playing game! In place of the standard transition from race to race came to a full staff management, the distribution of “team” of resources and the constant search for solutions and trade-offs associated with the maintenance of his car. As in “real” Formula 1, your concern is not only that what is going on inside of your car, but everything that surrounds you on the way to the top of the championship table. A striking example of the new system – the need for the distribution of points for the improvement of various technical aspects of your car. This gameplay mechanics designed for a long-term development for several seasons, what Codemasters is rapidly motivate players.


Now drive as quickly as possible, it is not enough for long-term success. That modify that to send to repair, and that the fix does not get under serious penalties – all this has become an integral part of the career of everyone who will desire to build your team and enter into the history of Formula

1. Swallow one’s pride and show your worst time of the season at the “last gasp” of the car, to wait with deep debugging all and go to new parts in the next time? Or spit on everything, how to dig in the guts and get a few items of fine? All this gives F1 in 2017 the same level of depth and strategy highlights – this fantastic race “behind the scenes”.


New rules

Like her “real” prototype, the F1 2017 moved to a new “formulaic” regulations. For more details about the changes in Formula 1 this year, we asked the chief editor of the Simply the Formula , Roman Kuznetsov .

Yes, [this year] rear tires became wider, “landed” in the whole machine – are wider and lower. This ensures a higher level of downforce and, as a consequence, the machine literally “grabs” are now in the asphalt. If earlier in some corners had to throw off the gas, so as not to fly into a chipper, now … There is a famous turn “red water” in Belgium, he even formally ceased to be turning. Official reports at the end of August, when the race took place, wrote about it “part of the long straight.” By and large, this is a major transformation and innovation regulation, respectively, on many roads have broken records. Despite the fact that the maximum speed is not the highest, all-time compensation of the circle is due to the large clamping force.

Of course, such technological advances could not affect on the gameplay of the actual “branded” simulator.Handling cars on the road increased, and the turns become more “stable”. In our opinion, on the racing aspect of the game is affected very positively. But some differences from the previous parts of the series and the need to adapt to them are not able to outshine all the flexibility and diversity in the individual approach to each Grand Prix – both in terms of technical fixing the car, and in the selection of a common strategy for the race. pitstops plan, the amount of fuel and other aspects that directly affect the course of the race, creating a feeling of a real fight for every line of the table. A much “wiser” artificial intelligence opponents only adds fuel to the fire of this confrontation.


From all sides

Classical models of cars are back! And it is – not just a nice fan service, but also a significant addition to the already rich gaming experience F1 2017 ! What is important – arrivals at the “historic” cars are not only available in the other modes of the game, but also a “sewn” into a career as an “invitation” event. Without a doubt, a pleasant nuance.


Another innovation of fresh formular simulator became Mode “Championships” . Of course, here we are waiting for the usual calendar of the season for all those who are not willing to invest your time in a full racing career, relieving the players and the need to delve into the engine or engage in fuel management, with more in common with the usual mode of Arcade -.

Plug and go for a drive are also provided, and different variations of the rules of the championship, for example, the race on the same race cars or season with the old system of scoring All of this seriously. but it increases the replayability F1 2017 , and so “stuffed” content.