F1 2015

Game F1 2015 – a brand new project from Codemaster. We can say that it is a short step to restart or one step up for the series, because this time the developers have prepared a project for PC and next-generation consoles Microsoft Xbox One and Sony Playstation 4. This year, the studio could not afford to build the project again, solving the problems previous games and put F1 on new visual and physical “rails”. Last year, the project failed on all fronts: F1 2014 came very late and could not catch anything the fans of racing.

However, it is important to note that the studio is a little tricky, F1 2014 is clearly ready for the new generation of consoles, so the finished model cars, recaps are available in F1 in 2015 simply by switching the menu. Users, in fact, won two games in one, which are slightly different in race, part of the team and a landmark for the past season different nose cone, on which all joked and laughed. Also, with the ability to drive in 2014, Codemasters, we can say, paid tribute to tragically deceased pilot Marussia F1 Team – Jules Bianchi, who was in a terrible accident during the Japanese Grand Prix on the track in Suzuka.

F1 2015 meets the user’s updated menu, which sounds monotonous music in the ambient style. It is important to note at once that, as such, “Career” mode in this part no. That is, you can not create a driver, get a full competitor in the face teammate. Moreover, if earlier career began in a weak team and you’re trying to climb as high as possible to change the racing team in F1 in 2015 forget it. There were no interviews, no communication with the manager nor the creation of the pilot, or even a choice of racing helmet.

In this sense, the game has made a serious step backwards, giving the user a refined race for the fans of particular pilots, since the player can choose not only the racing team, but also the specific driver that is more to their liking.

Mode selection is quite simple: 2 seasons to choose from Championship and Pro Season, each lasting one year. The difference between them is small, but very serious, so to elaborate on the Championship.

Here you select the driver and go all twenty races Grand Prix, including the free practice, the qualification and the race itself. Before the start of each new game you will be offered the weekend change the settings, and change the assistants or the level of competition. Including you can abolish the practice and change the look of qualification, after passing a full or deciding who will start from a position on the results of just one lap. Also in the settings to set the race length – 100%, 50%, 25%, 5 or 3 circles.

Change the weather settings, users have access to all kinds of helpers, like the path or ABS. In the menu you can also select the level of opponents, rewind and play normally closed park, like in real racing. When the parc fermé rule driver has no right to make adjustments to the settings of the car during the weekend. Otherwise, he gets a penalty and his qualifying result removed, and start going to the pit lane. You can also include damage to both visual and realistic. Very pleased that the settings are available before each Grand Prix, because one night you want to spend on the game half an hour at other times will find it more than two hours to fully enjoy the race. Note that we chose the latter part of the testing, and drove a hundred percent for the duration of the Grand Prix.

And now briefly about Pro Season mode. This is the same Championship with one small “but”. here you can not change any settings – all to the max: the maximum duration of practice, qualifying and races, no assistants, rewinding and most powerful artificial intelligence in the game. Mode for the real hardcore fans and Formula 1.

Other modes are more standard and without them the game just would not have been present: Quick Race – offers go fast Grand Prix with the preset duration, Time Trial – race against time on familiar routes.