Evil Dead remake director comments on sequel

Despite the fact that in production there is a new movie in the franchise “Evil Dead“many fans are still hoping to see a sequel to the 2013 remake with the subtitle”Black book“. Although the chances of this are small, the director of the tape Federico Alvarez does not exclude such a possibility, broadcasting the thought “Never say never”.

“There is definitely a chance for a sequel. The problem is that we have to stop talking about the chance because the next day the headline ‘New film coming out!’” Jokes the director. Raimi is like family. We get together from time to time. There was some discussion of the sequel, but we did not write the script, but we understood how it should be, “- said Federico Alvarez in an interview with ComicBook.com.

The director added that anything can happen in the Evil Dead universe, and for the sequel to the Black Book to appear, it is necessary to come up with an original story that will inspire the creative team to bring it to life.

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