To date kosmosimov market offers a huge number of projects for every taste and color. Then you and sessional Star Conflict , and hardcore Elite: the Dangerous , and thoughtful Endless Space 2 . And a pile of arcade letalok in the spirit of Galaxy on Fire .
But what if you want something else? To the best of hardcore, but it’s nice arcade, in the spirit of good old Freelancer , for example. Apparently, the German Rock Fish Games shares this desire and just recently rolled out in the release of its new project – Everspace .

space shades

The first thing that catches your eye – a great picture. The light reflections, shadows, and the effects of the environment quality and study of shock. Space looks fantastic, but at the same time quite natural. Although sometimes developers still too addicted and decorations are starting to impress some implausible. Especially clearly felt in contrast to realistic Elite: the Dangerous .

Neither one screenshot is not able to convey the beauty and variety of colors in the environment Everspace, all its charm over time.
But Everspace and does not claim to credibility. This is a full-blooded shooter focuses on the wow-effect, shootings and a spirit of adventure. This attitude underlines the wonderful instrumental audiosostavlyayuschaya. Its magic and drive just can not give it a sense of orderliness that is inherent in the classic kosmosima with their ambient.
Game damn well optimized, which allows it to work quietly on medium machines and provide an acceptable quality and stability. The fact is that under the hood of the Everspace – tech and modern engine Unreal Engine 4.
Such an approach may be slightly spoil the atmosphere, as in games of this genre typically dominated by a sense of dark and cold space. Here, at first, the opposite is true: the environment seems to be a bright, friendly and inviting. This can cause the player a sense of “toothless” game, and hardcore audience generally scare. But believe me, this view is very deceptive, do not rush to conclusions

Easy to learn, hard to master

Management does not bring anything new to the genre and will be familiar to all fans of classic kosmosimov, but its mechanical implementation, smoothness and responsiveness to help quickly get inexperienced players.
When all the settings and set the ship features an interface intuitive and easy here.
The only thing that can cause difficulties – it is a battle. In combat, constantly have to not only monitor the level of integrity of the board and the ship, but also take into account the performance of various components of the ship, the damage that can lead to unpleasant consequences. For example, the destruction of the guns make you completely defenseless, and the engine defect will cause drift in space with no hope of salvation. But the most unpleasant failure – is damage to life-support systems. In this case, we are waiting for a slow death, which will be accompanied by constant failures technology vanishing sights and artifacts on the screen.
Fight – is a series of literate maneuvers, rams and tricks. Everything for the victory!
Of course, if the ship can be repaired resources. But the fun begins when their stock starts to run low. From that moment on, all your actions are reminiscent of a real race to the death, and now you are ready to do anything to survive. It does not add tranquility and the fact that death is not the game you roll back to the save point, and make a way to start again.
First, the death of the character may seem a cruel punishment for the mistake. But, on the other hand, before the new flight we are allowed to spend their savings on pumping and thus increase their chances of survival in the harsh world of Everspace.
As you can see, the developers are very well balance between the threshold of entering the hardcore audience and newcomers.

Infinity and beyond

The rest of the gameplay, on the one hand, the linear – before the player task is to overcome a certain amount of space sectors. On the other – each sector is divided into key points, which you can move freely in collecting resources and drawings, fuel search, battles and other space routine.
In the first sector of the freedom of movement is not fraught with the danger of severe small groups of enemies. But in the later stages it is better to move with caution, since any system begins to threaten the player a great lot of unknown problems from violent clashes with giant cruisers to impenetrable clusters of anomalies.
The plot is fed through effective and well-articulated art inserts. But the story is rather an additional lever to create the atmosphere and at the same time extremely resourceful explains the constant resurrection of the protagonist.
But most attention is paid to the collection Everspace resources. They tied up the entire craft and repair – they are the key to successful passage. And since we are experiencing a constant shortage of useful materials, most of the time will go to every corner of the Pick.
Of course, along the way you can meet the merchants, but they rarely appear and range of wealth can not boast. Everything you need easier to find on their own. The most attractive places for you to be meteoric clusters anomalies enemy base, shipwrecks and other corners of the mysterious, dark and cruel space.
Be among the wreckage huge ship and spend twenty minutes of game time searching for loot – it would seem that there may be more boring? But, oddly enough, this occupation in Everspace quite annoying.
With all the positive features of Everspace may be difficult to attract players. C one hand, it is easy to scare the hardcore audience, accustomed to a full and accurate simulation of space and control of the ship.
At the same time casual gamers will not be easier: not the fact that they will be able to take constant regression after a game death. Because the brainchild of Rock Fish Games is the game at the same time for everyone and no one. However, given the above, and the price tag in the region of five hundred rubles, these problems can close your eyes.
The only thing missing in the interface, it’s a small radar, and mini map. Because of this, in dynamic situations it is easy to lose a foothold, that at first is constant and very annoying