We are in these sectors, the dungeons are engaged in the usual amusements for all elements with “bagel” things – fighting with the enemies that come in waves, collect resources, not hoard the experience, however, and the money and all kinds of trying to survive.

Did not survive – everything begins anew. That is, you will again find yourself in the first sector, but with a slightly different system-generated and conditions.

After studying a certain improvement, it will be possible to return to their dead carcass (or more precisely, to the wreckage of a spaceship) to pick up the lost odds and ends, but until then, after each death, you will only be accumulated money, but everything else that is acquired during a failed attempt overwork, disappears.

And this different resources needed to repair the ship’s systems and to create items and valuables like new “guns” and sensors (they are installed on the course), and all sorts of shields amplifiers.

Attempt number five

Money should be spent immediately – patiently accumulate them between attempts to fail, because the purse is reset every time you depart from the hangar.

If finances are many, you can buy a new ship. In addition to the standard issued by the originally universal spaceship, there are two classes – fast and brittle (actually an analogue of the thief) who can teleport and hide, as well as a powerful and slow ( “tank”, respectively).

However, and issued a default ship can be a very strong driver. First, money is also spent on the study of new items and skills that increase damage, crit, speed, “persistence” body, the effectiveness of the hyperdrive, add new cells under expendable items allow to extract more resources and coins, and so on. Secondly, on the spaceship still allowed to set different gain, routines and glyphs.

Another thing is that all this will need a lot of time and attempts. Even on normal difficulty level quickly killed, and on the lung during the transition to the second sector you can find shots joyful crowd of enemies, accompanied by a large destroyer – in the initial stages of the chances of survival are practically no in such a situation.

Yes, and from time to time come across a particularly strong, marked with a skull and enemies, “bosses.”

Hyperspace even allowed to do with a lack of fuel, but it can end tragically if not “pump” the appropriate skill.

Therefore, long enough to have over and over again to start over again, patiently learn new “features” and skills, gradually becoming a little stronger. But you still want to do and try to number five, and number ten, then to show everyone where in space what’s what …

space saga

The above is typical for almost all of this entertainment. But here we must bear in mind that all of this in Everspace unfolds in the entourage is very beautiful in spirit kosmosima Freelancer , Descent and Elite: the Dangerous .

We fly expressive among the wreckage of the lost ships or inside huge asteroids, which were once colonies, and where now there is something to make money, we shoot small asteroids for ore and other minerals, periodically meet with the merchants, service or trading station again.

Break open the beacons to scan the environment and to understand where that hidden away. And, of course, we try not to anger the local law enforcement officers patrolling the sector, so that all their ships and stations are not taken up arms against us.

And all this – in the light of the stars or the sparkling nebulae against the background of huge rings of Saturn a local or a black hole, which, if too close, you can immediately disappear. In general, really very beautiful, epic, and with a sense of real space romance.