Epistory – Typing Chronicles

It must be something great, that remains for the memory. But it does not come out. You spend hours looking at the paper and there it goes, blank


, reminding you of your failure. Then you cry for inspiration. You ask that the muses that were used so much in Ancient Greece give you that spark of genius that allows you to fulfill your work. And that’s precisely what Epistory – Typing Chronicles is about . Well more or less.


Halfway between an adventure – style The Legend of Zelda and curious games mecanográfica action as The Typing of the Dead , that is, titles that challenge you to write words as fast as possible, this work of Belgian studio Fishing Cactus us h


e puts himself in the skin of a muse that, riding on a three-tailed fox, will seek to bring back inspiration to a writer tormented by the ghosts of the past. How? Digging directly into your mind, represented by a sea of ​​blank pages that we will have to give light and color.


Although the premise of Epistory may sound frankly strange, here we end up with enemies typing words and not with a sword, in the background it is a very traditional adventure videogame. Action, exploration, role-playing, puzzles … not missing a sin


gle one of the elements of the genre, including the possibility of moving freely through a vast world of paper where we will also find dungeons and special areas, which we will only access with the relevant improvements of level. That there are, of course.



Writing a great story

The most important are directly related to fire, water, wind and electricity; four elements of nature that will serve to imbue our words with

power, as it sounds, to eliminate very specific enemies and also obstacles such as walls of volcanic rock, rivers of ice and others. But eye! We can only use one of these sources of power at a time, so moving forward in this adventure is
not as easy as moving and writing words one after the other without much concern. As progress is made, the challenges increase, and this requires swiftly changing the source of our power. The how, we think is quite successful.


Epistory - Typing Chronicles analysis

We greatly appreciate the way in which the story is expressed on paper, as if it were an interactive book. Too bad the argument is not particularly attractive.

You write “fire,” and that becomes the dominant energy of your attacks; You do the same with the word “lightning” and electricity will be your a


lly. It may sound somewhat relaxed but nothing is further from reality. When you are being assaulted by dozens of enemies simultaneously you must not only control their movement speed but also the element to which they are wea


k, so the action can become deadly fun. How fast do you consider yourself to be the keyboard? Epistory will put you to the test constantly, challenging you to write all kinds of Spanish words that as a rule have to do with the environment in which you find yourself.


Epistory - Typing Chronicles PC

Overall the game experience is very nice

The first words are usually short, of two or three syllables, but you will also run into enemies “protected” by several words of more than ten syllables. So measuring the times will be essential to survive. Also be agile with the keys. You have to write fast,

almost without thinking, avoiding making mistakes. If you do so, you will increase the points multiplier and more experience you will get at
the end of the battle. Something essential to improve the attributes of your heroine, who can perfect their speed of movement, the additional damage of their attacks (you can freeze enemies, or set them on fire, or …), acquire new skills such as the ability to teleport on the map general, etc.


Epistory - Typing Chronicles

Epistory - Typing Chronicles

Do you want to know how you’re typing? Epistory will test you constantly and then you can check how things have gone in this table.

Details that help keep interest in this adventure high, which has also positively surprised us by the design of its dungeons. They are differ


ent from each other, in the aesthetic, of course, but above all in the playable, with puzzles that take advantage of the new abilities of our muse. It’s not that they are especially complex, we would have liked them more than they wer


e, but they help make this a truly enjoyable game experience. Limited in some aspects because after hours, even with these differences, you feel that everything repeats itself over and over again; especially if we talk about the fighting, that no matter how ha


rd the developers have tried, they do not change anything from beginning to end. They are more difficult and more complex thanks to the need to change from one element of nature to another; but it’s not enough.


Neither in the plot Epistory ends blunting. We like the intimate approach that has been given to the story but it does not get to catch you; you are interested in what you see by how it is shown on the screen and not so much by what counts. In this cas


e, we have opted for a narrative close to that of a book in progress, that is, about the origami world through which you move, lines of text constantly appear that tell what is happening and what the protagonist thinks abo


ut, giving you the feeling to be writing that story yourself. And it is very good, but we insist, more for the aesthetic than for the plot.


Epistory - Typing Chronicles PC

There’s a lot of potential in what Epistory shows, although it’s hard not to feel that something is missing

Deepening in the mind of that uninspired writer whom we try to help in the adventure is a curious experience, with some emotional force at specific moments of the game, thanks in part to the good combination of music and image. The color, the design of that paper world that is built little by little before our eyes, the poetic tone of the story, epic and inti

mate melodies … there is a lot of potential in what Epistory shows, although it is difficult not to feel that something is missing Something in the artistic design of enemies, in the strength of the story that counts, in the variety of locations and more importantly, something more in the playable.