Epic Games will give in-game currency to Fortnite and Rocket League players – Igromania

Epic Games will reward players around the world who have invested in randomly filled loot boxes – this applies to gamers like Fortniteand Rocket league

The company announced that it will give 1,000 V-Bucks to anyone who purchases a Fortnite Random Loot Llama:Fight the storm”, And 1000 Rocket League Credits to those who bought the Event Box or the Key to open the box.

Despite the fact that initially this measure only concerned US residents, we decided to issue this award to players around the world. No further action is required from you. You will receive V-Bucks within a few days

Epic Games

At the same time, the company notes that even if a player purchased several conventional llamas with random loot, he will still receive the same 1000 V-bucks. And X-ray lamas, the contents of which were known in advance, is not the case.

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