Epic Games sues the creator of Pumpkin-headed dance –

All year we heard that the next dance emotion for Fortnite became the subject of litigation. The trend continues, but now the plaintiff acts Epic games. And the company asks to take action to the author of the viral video The pumpkin dance.

In November 2006, stand-up comedian Matt Geiler made a video that quickly became viral. In it, he danced in a black suit and a halloween pumpkin mask. These movements hit Fortnite as the recently added Pump It Up emotion.

After that, Matt Geyler and a consulting company Sick picnic media sent a letter to Epic Games demanding to remove emotion due to the portrait resemblance to the author: the character who performs it temporarily turns his head into a pumpkin lantern.

Now, the creators of Fortnite are asking the New York Federal Court to confirm that their dance emotion does not infringe on Matt Geiler’s copyrights or trademark rights. And at the same time, make a declarative decision on the violation and collect from Geller the fees and expenses of lawyers.