Enthusiasts voiced Noclip documentary Death and Rebirth of Final Fantasy XIV

In 2017, the famous Youtube-channel Noclip released a series of documentaries dedicated to the history of MMORPG Final fantasy xiv… In a series of three videos, the story of how an online game inspired by Final fantasy xihow she did not live up to expectations and how Square enix and Naoki Yoshida’s team actually rebuilt it.

The documentary story of the death and rebirth of Final Fantasy XIV turned out to be exciting, but not for Russian-speaking players. From the very beginning, there was no Russian translation in the films, even at the subtitle level. And now a group of enthusiasts decided to fix it.

Channel host Art Radio, a big fan of Final Fantasy XIV Online, has translated all three parts of the documentary. They were collected into one film for convenience and voiced by enthusiasts. At the same time, subtitles were prepared for the videos, and soon they will appear on the Noclip channel.

As for Final Fantasy XIV, after the release of the version A realm reborn it has become one of the most popular MMORPGs, and the attention to it is growing every year. This game is mostly chosen by those who decide to leave World of warcraft against the background of accumulated Blizzard problems.

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