Enthusiasts found a prototype of the canceled game based on the Akira manga

In 1993, the studio Black pearl software started work on the game Akira based on the same-name manga Otomo Katsuhiro. She was shown to reporters at the exhibition Summer Consumer Electronic Show in 1994, and a year later, Akira was due to launch the Sega Mega Drive. However, this did not happen.

Portal Hidden palace announcedthat they managed to find a working prototype of the canceled Akira. The source of the find wished to remain anonymous. However, enthusiasts managed to download these games from the media, and everyone can get acquainted with them.

However, the gameplay cannot be called pleasant. The game is replete with errors, and almost no level can be completed. So it’s easier to watch a recording of finished Akira snippets.

The developers planned to make their project an accurate adaptation of the feature film “Akira“, Directed by the author of the manga. For this, key scenes from the film were selected and each was tried to be reproduced by game means. Thus, the project combined the elements of shooters, races, platformers and fighting games.