Endless Space 2

So, you have a plan. And you begin to implement it: the planet in the suburbs and two ships – Research and colonialist. And from the very first moves, as usual, it depends on many things.

With some buildings and technologies to start? Where to send probes and that of the anomalies they meet along the way? Lucky if his side have a wealth of resources world – with a good stepping stone for the production of buildings and livelihood of citizens.

Otherwise, sit on the ball settlers despondency and will gnaw stones instead of bread. Although grow roots give anywhere – on a glacier in the desert on a volcano or ash – for the colonization of such exotics need to open the appropriate technology.

It also happens that the abundant space will not name, but it gives the titanium, hyper and, say, a little adamantium – here it makes sense to squeeze at least a small settlement. After all that and look to settle here the enemy. Even a seemingly empty system where there is nothing but a black hole or nebula, you still bring a powerful bonus after their inclusion in the scope of influence. Joke writers are allowed to explore and familiar on Endless Legend Auriga – true spring on it will never come.

And at every step of the game instructs the task of varying importance, from the scene – each race they own – to the little things where you have to choose the lesser of two evils. For example, I use encountered on the frontier of animals like cattle or establish contact with them? To decide the fate of the workers’ uprising, go back to the ancient ruins of a luxury set of resources to help the shipwrecked travelers to do the job of one of the smaller races, not dispersing on native systems – such events in the Endless Space 2abound, and they are a healthy variety of pause between moves. And also introduces an element of randomness. Together with the scientific development, the economy and politics is simply brings to naught the original plan, but at the same time helps to build their own history of space exploration. That’s the beauty of creation, that doing them, you learn to make decisions on the fly and change the approach to the problems.

Size is not as important possessions as the power holder.
Space, of course, the eternal, but not made of rubber, so sooner or later there is brewing conflict. And in order to adequately meet the enemy and not with his pants down, you need to pay attention to several aspects of the development.
Opening technology in four areas of expertise adhere to the golden mean – Now, let’s study the interplanetary agribusiness to communicate with small factions, and then we undertake armored vehicles to reinforce the garrisons.
The speed of scientists depend on points of science, which also does not drip from the ceiling – needed buildings and, as an option, conducive to research the political regime.
And he, like all the production as a whole, depends on the mood of the periphery: a party sympathetic to the settlers as far as the development of their production, whether the population is involved in a lot of work and defense.

In general, the policy system – the pride and beauty of Endless Space 2. You have six parties – the militarists, pacifists, industrialists, environmentalists, scientists and believers.

And everyone gets a share of the vote in the Senate after the election, once in twenty years, with the vote results may vary from system to system. For example, in Kvadrus indigenous people all over the claws fridge packed and healthy Tiazhprom, and Arcturus because immigrants growing lobby of “green.”
But nothing lasts forever: politics here, just like in real life, changeable thing. First, the popularity of a particular ideology depends on the player’s actions: if the saber-rattling, to build bunkers yes cruisers and bump in the aggressive rhetoric, increasing the share of supporters of the war.
Secondly, in the Senate can affect spending and dust goggles influence (local currency equivalents and culture), or – as without it – insolently to rig the elections. Ineffective? Arrange a coup brought to power one single party.