Endless Legend

A couple of years ago, a French company surprised everyone with the launch of an interesting strategy game in space. It was a title that was pleasantly reminiscent of one of the reference classics as far as 4X of science fiction is concerned – Master of Orion – and that also added some characteristics of its own invoice.

The game went slightly unnoticed, without having a great media coverage, but its success opened the way for Amplitude Studios to continue developing new titles. Dungeon of the Endless, a kind of futuristic ‘ rogue-like ‘ with touches to the ‘ tower defense ‘,

made its way on Steam, also acting as a prelude to the title we are analyzing today. Because, in fact, this triad of games is intimately linked, sharing terms and mythology, despite the different settings.

Endless Legend (PC) screenshot

And if Endless Space had to face a big one like Master of Orion , the squeegee for Endless Legend also belongs to the same family: Master of Magic . A classic among fantasy 4X , reference for lovers of the genre and rarely imitated. Of course, the latest of the French company has clear similarities with the title of 1993, as we can find an obvious resemblance to Civilization .


But Endless Legendit does not focus solely on imitating and uniting aspects of these two games, but it continues to evolve and add new features -some of them quite original- to give that personal touch that was also lacking in Endless Space .

For this, 8 races willing to populate and control a fantastic world in which we can expand, exploit, exterminate and explore. Thus begin the legends.

The first point that surprises us about Endless Legend , is that it moves away from the usual archetypes in terms of epic fantasy is concerned. Forget to find orcs, dwarves,

elves or halflings among the main races, since they have been replaced by 8 species very different: Broken Lords, Necrophages, Vaulters, Wild Walkers, Ardent Mages, Drakken, Cultistand The Roving Clans. Each of these cultures is quite different from the others to the point that we are presented with a different


type of victory for each one – it is a consideration, not an obligation – and each has unique characteristics. If we do not like niguna, we can always customize our own civilization, spending points on buying advantages and skills. Next, we will configure the map and we can start playing.

Endless Legend (PC) screenshot

Endless Legend (PC) screenshot Endless Legend (PC) screenshot

The game takes place in shifts and has seasonal changes, thus affecting some parameters. In the style of the 4X , we will have the option to explore with our units. This will reveal new areas on the map, discovering territories to conquer, treasures and resources. Here it is necessary to highlight the configuration of the scenario, both in appearance and in mechanics.


The environment is drawn in a polygonal way, being able to observe perfectly the different heights that each hexagon that forms the map presents -and that will affect the movement of the units- with a style that remembers slightly to the introduction of the


series Game of Thrones. Each hexagon is rich in details, decorated with different elements and clearly showing the resources that can be used in it, although initially we do not have the necessary technology.