Encased redesigned the prologue and added a lot of new ones – review

IN Steam came out first content patch for Encasedwhich adds a lot of new to the game. In particular, the prologue, part of the first act for the New Committee, as well as entry points into the storylines of the Khlyshi, Carmine Heights, Whirlwind and Phalanx factions were changed in the game.

In addition, there was a branch for pumping psionic abilities and equipment for their use. Added a mechanism for hiring companions, several new satellites, quests for and unique models for them.

In addition, several new plot and non-plot locations appeared in the game, some of the existing places were reworked, and various features were added, such as renting buildings, battles in the underground arena, new weapons, wandering merchants, and the like.

From the little things, we note the improvement of AI, a better interface in dialogs, the “fog of war” and expanded support for DLC. Also, memory leaks were fixed, game performance was improved, and new sounds were added.

Recall that post-apocalyptic RPG appeared in early access from October 1. And on the occasion of the release of the update, the developers offer 20% discount on the game.