Embers of Mirrim Review

I was not expecting too much going into my Embers of Mirrim review. I’d not done my usual research and just loaded it up and got playing. While the first impression give me the idea this was going to be a very average platformer… everything over the course of the first hour got better and better. Next I was hooked on this remarkably clever game by Creative Bytes Studios and struggled to put it down.

The game is very clever with its twist on standard gameplay and really works to test those thumbs on PS4 or XBox One. While short and not the most spectacular looking game out there, Embers of Mirrim gets it right where it counts: gameplay.

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Look and Feel

I was left a little flat at the start of the game. Following an interesting cutscene the game moved to a mix of 3D Presentation and then a 2D gameplay style. As I’ve been playing Injustice 2 a lot recently, I know how well this can work. But the textures and overall feel of the game didn’t quite grab me like some other 2D platformers from indie studios out there. But once the introduction began and the main gameplay began everything took a step towards the better.

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Graphically the game is a bit middle of the road overall, but some of the animation and movement is really well done. There are times giant ruins are falling down over you down a waterfall. There are areas to dive deep through the forest through and all is done with a really well done flow.

It’s a shame the overall quality of the graphics is only ok as it could be something quite stunning with a bit more attention to those details.

Performance wise though it was very stable in my time with the game. The odd frame drop here and there when the game saved was all I really noticed, a very smooth experience overall I’d say.

Gameplay and Story

As the story goes, you are given a premise of these unusual creatures and their home is corrupted by the “Blight”. The Mirrim, the creature you take control is part of the balance of the world with both a light version and dark version.

When you take control of both creatures a ritual takes place and soon you can split into your embers. Your character is both light and dark now and can navigate the world in a unique way.

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On to the best part, gameplay. We have a simple platformer here that is wrapped in a really cool method of control. In order to navigate you need to split yourself into energy. Your embers are controlled by both thumb sticks and used to pass through areas of the map.

Here we get some really interesting mechanics. First of all each energy can only be so far from the other. There is also a time issue unless you are within the correct energy fields to keep you going. For example, you may have to cross over an area as your ember with a green and purple path. Each of your embers can only be in their zone, and they can’t get too far apart so you have to move both evenly.

It can get tricky, especially when the game adds in areas you can’t transform and other restrictions.

Honestly, it’s so addictive to play the gameplay alone is worth giving this game a go for.


Where it counts, Embers of Mirrim is excellent. I don’t think it has stand out graphics or anything in particular in the story that would keep you here. But as a platformer with some originality in its gameplay it’s excellent.

For me I loved it, the whole game felt like it was going to be very average early on but the moment the embers came into it, I was hooked. The only real issue with the game is the fact it’s all over after a few hours.

Still, give this one a chance indie game and platforming fans. Check out my scores below and let me know if you fancy a go at this one in the comments.

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