His heart stopped

Say at once: the miracle of the two hundred rubles, of course, did not happen. Although the game is trying very hard and honestly fulfills his money. She is really cute and in some cases even a stylish look, and the design and architecture of the local towns and temples worthy of the best representatives of the genre. Folder with screenshots updated with new images faster than gaming magazine – quests.

And he is actively replenished. The plot can truly be called an epic, rich in numerous events, adventures and characters. And the most interesting of them – the actual protagonist.

Start with the fact that he’s dead … and belongs to the ancient and long-extinct race of light-bearers. They are only able to communicate and interact with Ember – small miracle creatures that once literally fell from the sky and gave to the world the life and light. And they did it just with the help of light-bearers.

So, as it turns out, our hero – one of the light-bearers, who died a long time ago in a fight. He lost not only life, but also memory, and his personal companion,

Embera, and even the heart – it is literally cut and sold somewhere. Nevertheless, in the beginning of the game the hero successfully resuscitate and confer an important mission – to save the world, which will be bent after total disappearance of Amber lost their support and communicate with their ancient luminiferous friends.

The process will have to visit several large cities, goblins, library, mountain giants, den necromancer, a lot of forests, fields, tombs, caves and even a prison called the Bastille – generally more than enough adventure with the declared twenty hours. And all of this is supported by a good study of the universe – constantly come across a thick book about the history of this world.

Ember game review

“Bosses”, as usual, have the support of his henchmen.

Tactical Difficulty

Battles in Ember , as in so many classic party RPG, take place in real time, but with the possibility at any time to put the fight on a tactical pause to assess the situation, ordered the hero and companions, where to go, whom to beat and some skill to use.

Management and the interface is in a tactical mode at first seem uncomfortable. But they quickly get used to it and changed his mind on the exact opposite.

A pause is necessary to use often – the enemies, especially on Hard difficulty level, forced to work hard and use all the skills, potions and tactical maneuvers. Some of the enemies (and some quests) not only are you in the teeth – you need to “pump”, shinkuem enemies and completing quests in other locations (good many of the monsters respawn), and come later. And battles with “bosses” are reminiscent of the most difficult fight of the best party RPG.

A warrior, a blacksmith, a fisherman …

The main secret of survival in battle – competent selection and use of skills. And connected with this interesting feature of the game – the skills, active and passive, are tied to a specific weapon and armor.

That is, to learn and to improve them is not necessary, but you need to constantly change your equipment. You can get more of the same sword, but one gives, for example, a double blow, and the other allows you to jump into the crowd of enemies, stunning them.

And often difficult fights before you have to change weapons – for example, when dealing with wizards, it is better not to use the double blow and attack blocking their spells.

Equipment you buy, “knock out” of his enemies or made in person. “Kraft” in Ember

We paid a lot of attention – it is possible to collect a bunch of recipes, mine, work in the forge, and even at the loom.

Plus enchantment items rune, alchemy, making wholesome food on a fire (it restores the health, energy, temporarily increases the “Articles” and so on). There are even fishing with the possibility of then fry some perch.