Eco-activists criticized Microsoft and Sony for Xbox Series X and PlayStation 5 – consoles consume too much power

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Non-profit environmental organization NRDC has published a report on a careful analysis of the power consumption of next-generation consoles Playstation 5, Xbox series x and Xbox series s… In it, experts shared the results of their research and published a number of intermediate conclusions.

The most energy efficient system of the three was named Xbox series s, the indicators of electricity consumption during operation, which turned out to be lower than that of Xbox series x and both versions Playstation 5

Experts from NRDC also found that with modern games running Playstation 5 and Xbox series x use more electricity than they used to Playstation 4 and different models Xbox one… At the same time, in the case of projects working within the framework of backward compatibility systems, the situation is more acceptable.

As systems for streaming digital content, the new consoles were criticized by experts – it is noted that gaming devices are much more power-hungry (10-25 times) than many stand-alone iron solutions for streaming TV shows and movies, like Apple TV or Amazon Fire Stick… Here the problem can be solved by installing special separate low-power chips on the console for playing video.

On the other hand, praise from NRDC were awarded the modes of reduced energy consumption for PS5 and Xbox series x… The organization notes that activating them does make a significant difference, but doubts that most gamers will use them or even know about them, especially given the fact that these settings are turned off by default. This issue is advised to revise.

NRDC also recommended Microsoft and Sony better to work on the power consumption of your systems in “sleeping“modes, as well as conduct large-scale market research and establish the exact interests of the audience regarding the use of devices. The obtained results are advised by experts to apply in technical departments and publish on their basis open reports, urging players to think about the norms of using household electrical appliances in order to preserve the general peace.

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