EA Threatened With Bans Leaking Battlefield 2042 Gameplay Testers And Showed A Video With The Game For The Irish

Company Electronic Arts asked participants of closed technical testing Battlefield 2042 do not post gameplay videos of the shooter to the network and strictly follow the points described in the nondisclosure agreement. Unscrupulous users can get banned not only in beta, but also in the full version of the project on release… It is forbidden to conduct broadcasts, publish videos and screenshots. The developer position will only change with the start of the open beta in September.

The Irishman and his son Omar in Battlefield 2042

Electronic Arts also updated the official Battlefield 2042 website today with a note about Kimble “Irish” Graves, one of the protagonists of Battlefield 4. It is described like this:

“Kimble Graves is a born leader, a commanding officer of the specialists aboard the Exodus. Born in Brooklyn, New York. A determined fighter who can shield the Misfits from harm. Graves, an experienced engineer and former Marine, learned the horrors of war from his own experience. From now on, his task is to – protection of your squad and those who cannot stand up for themselves.

The Irishman is indispensable for strengthening positions on the battlefield and creating small outposts where fighters gather to plan further attacks. “

Gameplay for the “Irishman”:

Battlefield 2042 premieres October 22, 2023

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