Dying Light

Dying Light is one of the games of this beginning of 2015 that was expected with more enthusiasm. The zombie theme has been in fashion for years thanks to phenomena such as


The Walking Dead , and video games have taken advantage of the pull to recover the undead as the main enemies to beat. Throughout these years, since the last generation of consoles until today, all kinds of games have been published that address the subject in a more or less accurate way.

Grey Goo

The last one to join the car is Techland, which with Dying Light wants to launch a first-person sandbox bet different from the one we saw on Dead Island. With many successes, by the way. But also some shadows.

Dead Island was a title that captivated half the world. The trailer they made of the game was simply impressive and it was a hook that kept the users aware of how


their proposal was coming out. In the end, surely Dead Island did not meet all the expectations generated by users, but it was a very fun game for users and the press. Dying Light intended to follow the trail of the saga,


but ultimately took its own body and while Dead Island has continued with other deliveries, here what is presented is a game with its own mechanics and a game concept


that although borrows things from the Another Techland IP, goes its own way. A path where the sandbox component is, the RPG touch to improve our skills or create our objects and a path in which parkour is very present.

Dying Light (PC) screenshot

 Welcome to Zombi Land

dying_light-262280532.jpg Screenshot

Kyle Crane works for the organization in the shadow SAI. He is our man, an agile soldier who goes to the city of Harran in search and rescue of local politician Kadir Suleiman.


In the middle of the Middle East, this city of mosques, shacks and skyscrapers devastated and full of zombies of all kinds is also dotted with small groups of survivors that we will know little by little and those who will send us their orders in exchange for information and facilities to find Kadir .


The plot, as usual, will be entangled and our main objective will change as events, and plot turns, make an appearance. Because in the end, being where we are, the primordial thing will be to survive the hordes of zombies.

The traditional map sandbox full of points and characters with interaction and commissions is totally imposed in Dying Light. Crane will have to distract himself in piles of jobs and optional side missions that let him develop and at the same time leave his primary task a little aside.


Take radio towers to restore communications, prepare traps, find a certain refugee, clear an area, pick up a lost package , get money to buy new equipment to the merchants …


There are many things to do and many characters that have work prepared, which also generates experience points and better inventory.

Dying Light (PC) screenshot
Dying Light (360) ScreenshotDying Light (360) IllustrationDying Light (360) Screenshot

Better on the Rooftops

dying_light-26220532.jpg Screenshot

But Parkour is the really differentiating element of the Dying Light proposal compared to other sandboxes or Dead Island itself, with which more than one will compare it.


Our protagonist has a great ability to hold onto all kinds of ledges, balconies, facades, railings … whatever. And it is a system that works in a more than satisfactory way just by pressing one of the top buttons.


The legacy of Assassin’s Creed in this sense is more than evident, and although it is true that some transitions between jumps and grabs are not as fluid and dynamic as in the saga of Ubisoft , the truth is that in general the system works really well.

And he does it for various reasons. The first one is because of the demands of the hostileworld in which we find ourselves. Zombies are extremely dangerous and a group of four or five undead can kill us if we are not careful enough.


Therefore, knowing how to move through the elevated areas is a way to avoid several of the enemies. Not everyone, since we will find monsters that have not yet mutated completely and are more dangerous: they run, jump and climb while trying to reach us with great virulence.


They are also joined bandits and enemy factions that also have a lot of mobility throughout the height and width of the mapping.