Dual Gear goes into Early Access in July – review addiction

Tactical action game with combat robots Dual Gear goes into early access Steam July 29. This was announced by an independent Thai studio Orbital Speed… In the meantime, a demo version of the early alpha Dual Gear is available in the store.

Active work on the game began four years ago, after a successful fundraising campaign for Indiegogo… And the game already has a new publisher. Company Corecell Technology will launch Dual Gear on PlayStation 4, Xbox One and Nintendo Switch in 2022.

Dual Gear is a combination of a mech-based 3D shooter and turn-based strategy game. The creators were inspired by a whole galaxy of Japanese robot fighting games, but modern features were added to the classic gameplay.

Players will control their mech in real time, and on the tactical map they will be able to set the behavior of other members of the squad. During the passage of the story campaign, new levels and skills will be unlocked. At the time of the start of early access, the first act will be available, but over time, the developers will add new missions.

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