Double Fine Studio is broadcasting live from a bird’s nest – review

Studio Double fineBased in San Francisco, it has a 24-hour live broadcast. And her reason is very unusual: directly opposite the windows of the creators Psychonauts, Brütal legend and Broken age hummingbird settled.

Studio staff instantly installed a webcam and began showing what was happening on all popular resources: Twitch, Youtube and Mixer. Unfortunately, the creators of the games did not take into account the change of day and night and did not come up with any highlight. So at a time when night falls in San Francisco, viewers have to admire the black screen.

In the commentary on the broadcast, many call live reporting from the nest the best Double Fine project.

The tiny tropical hummingbird birds are fairly common in warm and sunny San Francisco. Locals often hang feeders and tiny houses for them. Although sometimes, as Double Fine proves, the birds themselves make their nests.

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