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Doom Eternal’s real face of Doomgai was leaked and shocked fans

Posted: February 14, 2020 at 6:17 am   /   by   /   comments (0)

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The network got frames with the real face of the main character of the shooter Doom eternalknown as Dumgai. The character almost always appears in a helmet, and therefore what was seen on official shots came as a surprise to many fans of the series.

New frames from the official Doom Eternal artbook from the studio id Software ahead of time appeared on the network, reports. In addition to many images of enemies, levels and weapons that will be presented in Doom Eternal, some of the images belonged to the main character of the Doomgai series, also known as the Executioner of Doom, the Soldier of Doom or Doomsleer. The character was also shown without his famous green helmet, and fans were able to examine in detail the real face of the main character Doom Eternal.

Fans of Doom Eternal and the entire series of shooters were surprised that they were so easy to find out what the main character Dumgai looks like in the new shooter. For many fans, the real face of Dumgai for a long time remained a mystery, but because some were disappointed that the developers themselves dispelled all the mystery, and showed the character’s appearance in the official art book.

In Doom Eternal, the authors plan to significantly expand the gaming universe, and show places that gamers have never been to before, including Paradise. In addition, the Doom Eternal game will become much larger and richer than the first part, and the developers from id Software themselves are very proud of the project, and in absentia they call it “their best creation”. The release of Doom Eternal is scheduled for March 20 on PC, Xbox One and PS4.

Earlier, wrote about how the real face of Dumgai could be seen in the original DOOM game, released in 2016. Then enthusiasts used various tricks to look under the character’s helmet right in the game.

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