Divinity: Original Sin 2

Parteyku in D & D, combined with the LAN-party – in this edition was not. Well, it might have guessed. Shortly before we met with the regime of the Game to Master Master (designer to create adventures) in “SoftKlab»,

Larian Studios has done an interesting thing. Studio with feed Wizards of the Coast introduced the Game Master campaign Lost Mines of Phandelver based on the latest edition of D & D. Skip past our grasping the handles so outlandish beast would be a sin, so that in the main GameGuru for “anvils no save” went, so to speak, to get acquainted.

Oh, how glorious hours I spent playing D & D, and hanging out at LAN'ah.  Well, that, even in 2017 can remember the past, trying at the same time fresh game.Oh, how glorious hours I spent playing D & D, and hanging out at LAN’ah.Well, that, even in 2017 can remember the past, trying at the same time fresh game.

Module Lost Mines of Phandelver developers have chosen for clarity, because it already had a script and images of heroes.

She Larian Studios has created a location, surroundings and the characters themselves, using only the resources of the designer – on all took a couple of days.

Such a demonstration of the editor and its ability to “incest”, developers have killed two birds with one stone, showing incredible flexibility Game Master. It is manifested in the fact that you can use as a personally made campaign and downloaded from the Steam Workshop .

So remember the 2002 second editor Neverwinter Nights and cook an extended vacation in the campaign of the same ushlyh friends. Moreover, the protracted – and shown by a player, and hand the lead Game Master made the best impression on me.

Roleplaying role above all else.  Himself as pyromaniac - burn, baby, burn each counter.Roleplaying role above all else. Himself as pyromaniac – burn, baby, burn each counter.

Familiarity with the regime began with the formation of character. There are no revelations was, chose the race, gender, skills – just like in the story campaign, the game. The difference lay in the fact that our choice of leading efforts could result in unexpected consequences.

Master used role system Original Sin 2 as a basis, but take into account the fineness D & D (for example, an increase in their skill, depending on the index characteristic), and actively fantasized using gameplay Divinity .

It’s one thing when you hit just the typical role-playing games of the wolf. It is quite another when the master in it “settles” and manages itself for greater unpredictability of the story. Or you claim shaggy, what you want to coat, then decides to negotiate, thinks better of it and betray, and after all is eaten corpse to using special skills learned memories.

The awkwardness of the situation was that lover dead, my colleague, when you create a hero decided that high value memory it is not useful.

The scripted story Divinity – maybe yes, he would have simply lost the capacity to minor wagering. Master also represented Artem Titov, head of the development of Game Master, got my hands on an excellent opportunity for abuse.

It looks like the beginning of the campaign wizard.  I feel George Martin.It looks like the beginning of the campaign wizard. I feel George Martin.

The unfortunate elf did not remember that he was an elf, and polymorphs (new class that allows the enemy to do chicken and other pranks), so his opportunities have been blocked. Moreover, the poor thing at every chihe had to throw Dice (icosahedral dice) to check their own and other’s memory.

For example, he wanted to remember the name of herbs, because lived all his life in the woods. He threw “3” and tadam – horseradish from his forest dweller, since he does not remember anything.

Convert goblins he could not in females, while not a word club in the forehead and back of the memory. The plot for a Hollywood drama ready, where my contract?

map of the world, you can choose from a standard set of ...map of the world, you can choose from a standard set of …

Speaking of drama, I’m here for a long time could not decide why you need to “communicate with animals,” my lizard-prizyvatelnitse that any situation is still reduced to “Fueling the fire.” This skill is extremely useful in the campaign story, but in a small module?

It turned out that I’m wrong, and role-playing system Original Sin 2 even in a small adventure has incredible flexibility when it crossed with D & D, or trite to rely on their own creativity.

... or download from the Internet map of Middle-earth ... or Morrowind.… or download from the Internet map of Middle-earth … or Morrowind.

So you can seriously diversify interactivity. In the very Divinity beehive is an ordinary object, but we have it become a reason for the dramatic adventure.

Once in a mined bridge, my colleague decided to quietly remove the guards. In the near box could be heard buzzing and one of us (most intelligent, yeah) opened it. There was, in fact, the hive, which can be left alone or be used as a projectile – this idea of our master limited.

Then I got the idea to negotiate with the bees, so they instead have thundered goblins, and we would cruise was released and went out of the cave immediately after the looting.

Agreed, the bees attacked the guards … and they are burned. No, I did not burn, but was going to finish the winners ( “Game of Thrones” spoiled child’s mind) – just bitten goblin fright reserve barrel and oil … and bummmmm!

2.5 hours we had not gone a quarter of the campaign, and in fact it did two days.  The same amount, according to conservative estimates, and taking into account our initiative, was to take a pass.2.5 hours we had not gone a quarter of the campaign, and in fact it did two days. The same amount, according to conservative estimates, and taking into account our initiative, was to take a pass.

Titov advance predetermined in this Katabasia was just descent into the cave, which could not happen without a team vote. The rest was pure improvisation, so that the master wrote the accompanying texts and blocked / open gameplay features right in the party. This, of course, it is possible not only in the Lost Mines of Phandelver, but also in the adventures of its own production.

Due to this flexibility, the relevance of Divinity: Original Sin 2 increases almost indefinitely. Fans still make fashion to Morrowind and of Neverwinter Nights – they are after all even with mods proceed repeatedly, and editors have long cursed for a lack of tools to simplify the work. Given the depth and replayability D: OS 2 to Game Master will get many long time, but when still deign … What awaits them there, Titov showed us exactly after a gaming session.

Customization design lends itself even so ...Customization design lends itself even so …

Seeing the “behind the scenes» Game Master mode, I remembered stormy youth and the first clumsy attempts to write a script of Morrowind . However, Larian Studios mechanics is more friendly to newcomers as it is intuitive and has a lot of blanks. Alone locations patterns of 150 pieces. Collectively decided to make a personal Mordor with Frodo and Golumom, we have chosen a template and map of the world, wrote the background and began to sculpt. Wave of the hand (literally) the cemetery was flooded by lava. By mouse click in the air there were embers. Visually base location is changed drastically over 5 minutes. For atmospheric added a howling sound, take out some items and added more suitable for the spirit of the coffins, statues and other cute goth heart of things.

... we could not resist.  Excuse me.… we could not resist. Excuse me.

Game Master mode charm is that it can be used to create a full-fledged campaign, almost the same as the original plot Original Sin 2 on the scale and elaboration. Yes, it takes a long, long time, but Larian Studios has produced an excellent tool that greatly simplifies the life of the creator of the latter-day and increases the longevity of the project.

Quests, characters, world setting – do everything from scratch and does not know failure. Will it be a full-fledged campaign of the original Neverwinter Nights, or the head of any Warhammer – every whim for your money.