Dissidia: Final Fantasy

In the dark the hour, when even Street Fighter V and The King of Fighters XIV eschew arcade, Dissidia: of Final Fantasy NT debut is surrounded by hungry coin acceptor distant autumn of 2015 year. After testing the game this way (and certainly much repulsed costs), Square then Enix has fixed her gaze on the PS4.

Though why only Square then Enix has ? It’s time to name and the name of the developer – a Team the Ninja , the celebrated Japanese team behind the TV series Dead or Alive and the Ninja Gaiden .

Already this fact with the announcement could reassure the audience that in the end, it has turned into, for example, clumsy clone Super Smash Bros.Parasitic love the audience to the characters and the magic sword.

Dissidia: Final Fantasy NT where outlandish. Like its predecessor, it is a three-dimensional fighting game with spacious arenas (in the style of Dragon Ball: Xenoverse ).

The main idea – the division of blows on Bravery- and HP-attack. After spending the first, poedinschik replenish own Bravery Level and devastate the enemy. From its size depends on how successful will be HP-reception. The latter, as the name implies, beats on a scale enemy health. If the explanation went misty – Read the lecture itself Square Enix in the video below.

Casual gamers were able to assess the Dissidia: Final Fantasy NT in a closed beta test, held on 26 August – 4 September. Suggested games ascetic client multiplayer matches 3 x 3 (main and only format contractions) training and disassembly with bots. Opponents to look reluctantly – authors should think about modes of 1 x 2 x 1 and 2, or the network portion becomes annoying appendage. And the frame rate in multiplayer sechah often sags significantly – inexcusable for a fighting game, but it is clear, if we take into account the shameless orgy of special effects on the screen.

Cloud Strife, Lightning and other pop stars FF rely not only on the cold steel, but also spells. Team NinjaI divided the men into four classes: the Vanguard slow and powerful, fast and agile Assassin, Marksman, bombarding the enemy from afar, and Specialist with unique “skillami”.

This is somewhat diversifies battle – against the backdrop of an extremely limited list of characters movements (not without reason as Dissidia: FF referred to as “two-button” fighting game). Pleasant addition – the ability of the individual characters, say Onion Knight from FFIII , to switch between the two forms with different techniques.

Dissidia: Final Fantasy NT game review

Beach, palm trees and the girls refer to the popular line of fighting games Team Ninja.

In Dissidia: Final Fantasy NT decided to ignore the gravity, making double and even triple jumps, and the local “dash” – not a jerk, and the impressive flight of the enemy. Protect against damage can timely “saydstep” (dive away, just like a “dash”) or block. To gamers almost not hiding behind the “shield”, it did destructible – so yourself a panacea for multiple attacks in a row.

Since the fencers and mages treated to each other on the ground and in the air, Team Ninja implemented guidance system with switching between targets. Unfortunately, she spoils review prikolachivaya camera to specific objects. In Dragon Ball: Xenoverse breathe more freely on the order.

Turmoil intensifies bulky interface – the screen for a holiday wink Summoning Gauge (responsible for the call of creatures), health and courage glasses associates and enemies, mini-map icons “skills” and the strip detachment life, divided into three sections.

The winner is the first one to cut down three enemies, even to die over and over again is the same weak link. The idea of entertaining, but with all of the above Dissidia: Final Fantasy NT too begins to look like a network shooter in the spirit For Honor .

Dissidia: Final Fantasy NT game review

The appearance on the scene of the giants and monsters rages on display of thunder and lightning.



Story campaign for the benefit of the final version has already been confirmed. And the traditional fighting game modes in the game may appear – is expected to release on PS4 only in January. Important clarification – from Dissidia: Final Fantasy NT series finally stepped into the online (multiplayer of the previous parts, remember, was rather spartan). At the moment, the project claims heap. Will Team Ninja to get out and forge another hit? Soon find out.