Disney Will Close The Mandalorian For Season 4, But That Won’t Be The End For The Show – Insider

It would seem that the premiere of the series “Mandalorian“who breathed new life into”star Wars“.

Just as the Skywalker saga drew to a close, Disney and Lucasfilm gave Star Wars fans a bounty-hunter show that goes from local history step by step to the next big chapter in the iconic franchise.

As we approach the third season, “The Mandalorian” has already become an epic story, which brought together such popular characters as Luke Skywalker, Bo-Katan and Boba Fett. There are also several spin-offs in development. But what was Disney’s final ending for The Mandalorian himself? It’s simple: a rebranding awaits him.

By words insider and editor-in-chief of the Cinelix edition Jordan Mason, “The Mandalorian” will end after season four, but it won’t be your typical closure as is the case with many other series. Instead, the show could return with a different name, which will likely allow it to embrace an even wider scope of the Star Wars television universe.

“Around the” Mandalorian “go [следующие] gossip. Haven’t heard of it shutting down in Season 3 (I’ve heard of Season 4), but the “end” is already planned. If it does end, then I also heard that the series will simply turn into a “new” show that will stick to [прежних] characters / time period, but under a new name.

EXAMPLE (purely hypothetical): Imagine a plot point in which the show changes [название] the Mandalore or something like that instead of The Mandalorian.

Obviously, things can change, so perhaps the changes will come sooner. But from everything I’ve heard, Season 3 doesn’t sound quite right as “the end”. Looks like they’re going to do their best and scale up Season 3, so who knows? “

Formerly actor Karl Weathers, who played in the first two seasons of Griff Kargoo, said that filming “The Mandalorian 3“should start this month.

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