Dismemberment and weightlessness: EA showed an early version of Dead Space

Publisher Electronic Arts hosted a stream in which the studio staff EA Motive showed an early version of the remake Dead space… In particular, they compared their project to the original horror, which the studio Visceral Games released in 2008.

New Dead Space is based on a graphics engine Frostbite… The developers have worked hard to update the visuals, trying to preserve the spirit of the original.

They are especially proud of the advanced dismemberment, thanks to which scraps of meat will fly off the necromorphs. This system will directly affect the gameplay.

Some weapons will be more effective at cutting off body parts, while others will remove layers of flesh. The integrity of the enemy’s body will signal his state of health.

The zero gravity segments have also been redesigned. Now the player will be able to move freely in space.

As for the scenario changes, the foundation of the story will remain unchanged: Isaac Clarke will explore the spaceship “IshimuraThe emphasis will be on expanding the Dead Space universe as well as strengthening ties with the sequels.

Motive also wants to work on the characters of the minor characters. As for Azek, he will be voiced again by the actor Gunner Wright (in the first part, the character was silent). However, during the exploration of the corridors, the character will not speak, so as not to destroy the atmosphere of loneliness. The engineer will be able to answer only when he is contacted directly.

EA also said there won’t be any microtransactions in Dead Space. The release date has not yet been disclosed, because the project has been in development for less than a year.

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