Dishonored 2

Note: Dishonored 2 in its PC version does not seem to go well in a wide range of equipment. Apart from a widespread problem in the use of the mouse, which is directly poorly implemented and must be adjusted manually – we recommend the pad – there is a wide range



of players who report stability problems, especially when it is necessary to operate it in teams of high end with all options to the fullest. On the other hand there are others who say they are doing well and have not encountered problems.


Various solutions and configurations that can help, such as the shadows of rodents and insects, or the degree of environmental detail, have been discussed. Some users have managed to stabilize it by lowering some options, but others still have problems, which indicates that


it is something more complex than some poorly optimized graphics option. Given that in our experience and among editorial staff we have seen both situations,


our advice is to try it within two hours of grace offered by Steam to ask for a refund, or wait for a patch that should arrive in the next few days. that the situation


normalizes. In the meantime, we will maintain the compatible version without scoring while Arkane offers a solution in which they comment that they are working.

The story of a success

Dishonored we fell in love in his day. It was something different, bold and original in the AAA space of the wide budget games. Not only was it a new IP, which was already refreshing in a scenario in which less risk was perceived than ever – in a long generation and with several years behind it.


There was also the fact that it was a game that followed a different path in terms of design and mentality: emerging gameplay, more complex design of maps than we were used to in 2012 and a clear aspiration to follow the steps of Looking Glass , the study that gave us games like Thief, Ultima Underworld or System Shock, among others.

The French studio is one of the few in the world that claimed the spirit of that classic team. His Ark Fatalis was influenced in a way recognized by


Ultima Underworld , while Dark Messiah of Might & Magic appreciated the pleasure of creating something out of the norm in terms of combat and structure, despite being a licensed job for Ubisoft. After a difficult period with several canceled projects, including


a promising competitive game called Crossings, the study went to the arms of Zenimax that would end up buying it to fatten its growing list of studios outside of Bethesda.

Dishonored 2 (PC) screenshot

In the process, the team signed an evicted Harvey Smithas a project leader, a whole statement of intent about the Looking Glass connection.


Harvey began testing for Origin, directing the team for System Shock, then becoming an Associate Producer for Ultima VIII and later ending up with Ion Storm along with several ex-Looking Glass weight like Warren Spector and


Doug Church. After occupying a role of project leader in Future Wars, his career was cut short by his exit from a terminal Ion Storm, which would mark an authentic journey through the desert where he signed up for Midway to crash in a resounding way with


Area 51, a title condemned by an unrealistic calendar according to the words of Smith himself. It was with his arrival in Arkane that he found the kind of culture he needed to make a game of the Dishonored entity, catapulting the team to stardom.

Building on solid foundations

Four years later, the studio returns with a solid foundation and the ambition to build on it. Despite the quality and design triumphs of Dishonored, its technical limitations were evident. The team had twisted the Unreal Engine 3 to do things no one had tried, and it showed. Graphically he was very fair, although he compensated with a potent artistic element orchestrated by


Sébastien Mitton that gave him a great atmosphere. And the design of maps suffered due to the size limitations established by the consoles,


something that was overcome based on ingenuity and talent to get the best out of what one had. Those limitations have been in the past with this


sequel, which not only plays with more gross power but has its own engine: Void Engine, a version modified by Arkane herself ID Tech to adapt it to your specific needs.