Discount Tomb Raider: Valve delighted Lara Croft fans with the big sale of the Tomb Raider series

Digital distribution service Steam often arranges thematic promotions with discounts on certain franchises. This time, Lara Croft fans were lucky: before May 27th in the shop Valve absolutely all games in the series are being sold Tomb raider – from classic to the trilogy about the formation of a heroine.

The most notable offer of the action was the full edition Shadow of the tomb raider, which can be purchased with 82% discount for only 650 rubles. Having bought such a set, gamers will receive the original game, bonuses from the Deluxe Edition and Croft Edition, as well as all seven additions from the seasonal subscription with new tombs, missions, weapons, suits and skills. On ordinary days, the cost Definitive Edition makes up 3,656 rubles.

If you are one of those who did not manage to get a reboot of 2013 at a recent distribution, now there is an opportunity to pick it up for 59 rubles. With great benefit is also available. Rise of the Tomb Raider: 20 Year Celebration 259 rubles instead of the original thousand.

Other sales participants:

  • Tomb Raider: Underworld – 27 ₽ (-89%)
  • Tomb Raider: Anniversary – 27 ₽ (-89%)
  • Tomb Raider: Legend – 20 ₽ (-87%)
  • Tomb Raider VI: The Angel of Darkness – 20 ₽ (-87%)
  • Tomb Raider V: Chronicles – 20 ₽ (-87%)
  • Tomb Raider IV: The Last Revelation – 20 ₽ (-87%)
  • Tomb Raider III – 20 ₽ (-87%)
  • Tomb Raider II – 20 ₽ (-87%)
  • Tomb Raider I – 20 ₽ (-87%)
  • Lara Croft and the Guardian of Light – 37 ₽ (-85%)
  • Lara Croft and the Temple of Osiris – 59 ₽ (-85%)
  • Lara Croft GO – 93 ₽ (-75%)
  • Rise of the Tomb Raider – Season Pass – 195 ₽ (-40%)
  • Shadow of the Tomb Raider – Definitive Upgrade – 327 (-67%)

The full list can be found here..

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