DiRT 4

DiRT 4 begins in the same way. With a message But very different: Gamer or Simulation . This describes the twodriving modes of th


e game, the first for a fun experience without demand and the other for realistic driving. They are perhaps not the best chosen words, because it seems to associate Gamers with occasional players and the word simulation is practically a label given by players or run the risk of forcing comparisons.


It was not the philosophy of DiRT Rally, of course, but we will always be in favor of everything in a game adding up instead of subtracting. The problem of adding options is that it is more difficult to content and concentrate your community in the same profile. But with this clear division, DiRT 4 aims to accommodate all types of styles , providing each of their own

markers and records not shared. There is more to touch up in terms of our driving style, since both the “Gamer” profile and the “Simulator” are scalable when selecting the requirement of artificial intelligence, driving aids, braking, the stability of the car, in the marches or in none of the previous sections, dividing into the profile Pilot , Pro or Champion.


Gameplay 3D Games


Here, times are shared in the RaceNet world rankings , but DiRT 4 has managed to balance these profiles quite well, making any type of help have a decrease in the acceleration or speed of the vehicle, so that the most dedicated pilots can access the best scores. Scores that, in fact, are shared between all the platforms on which the game is available (PC, PS4 and XOne), creating a table in which you can be sure that if you are number one in a circuit, you are the best of the world.


DiRT 4 analysis

The interior and front cameras are still the queens to get more feedback from the vehicle.

But what about this driving? The “gamer” profile is exactly what you expect. Your car behaves more like a spaceship whose friction with the ground i


s purely anecdotal, but it’s fun, fast and accessible for new players or for those moments when you want to unleash the external cameras or simply not complicate too much . If you come from DiRT 2 or 3, for example, you can start here and go little by little jumping to the next category if you see it too attended.



We have a game that can be practically infinite

If you come from DiRT Rally , however, your profile is the so-called «simulator». And this is where I should disagree with the general opinion that has been given both in the different advances of the media and in the promotional messages of the game itself. Again I emphasize: it is my opinion, but the rules applied to the driving of DiRT 4 do not seem to me t

he same as those used in DiRT Rally. They are demanding, and they will force us to remain attentive to the thousand factors that separate us from leaving the road. The retry system is maintained and there are no guidelines or rewind-type aids, of course. But when we talk about how the physics of wheels behaves, understeer and oversteer based on how m
uch or little we accelerate and drive the vehicle, the same cars chosen for my tests under the same conditions have given me different results. I still prefer the feedback that Rally provided me with the surfaces and the wheels. With its way of tempering the accelerator and the brake in each curve. The DiRT 4 is, for me, slightly different and will depend on each one (as there were detractors of the Rally driving style) to conclude if it is more or less precise and more or less realistic.


Where there is no doubt is that DiRT 4 stomps on content. The DiRT Academy does not hurt to get used to all the tests that have the fourth installment, although you’re already used to the genre. An extensive tutorial consisting of tests and videos to


understand all the concepts of each discipline as well as the operation of a Rally competition vehicle in each of the curves and challenges you will find in the championship. We had not seen such a complete tutorial for some time and it is appreciated because it is more frequent than it seems that the studios forget the new players who want to enter and do not have it easy.


DiRT 4

Quantity vs. Quality

Rally Land Rush. RallyCross Classic Rally These are the tests to compete in DiRT 4. The rallies are still the protagonists, with a longer journey, but Rally Cross and Land Rush are not a mere addition. Each one has its preliminary stages

, the first with previous qualifying stages with the obligatory wildcard and Land Rush offering a variety of Buggies, Crosskarts and Baja trucks that offers fast tracks with their A and B classification and their finals. The artifici
al intelligence seems to have improved in the part of the RallyCross with respect to DiRT Rally, although we still notice in both modes a very pronounced tendency to follow its preset path and ignore our vehicle, causing accidents, since any slight touch with the wheel of a buggie can get to destabilize completely.



DiRT does not contain official Rally licenses (which are exclusive to the WRC). They are, however, those of RallyCross.

Finally, the old well-known Joyride mode seems like a small addition because it is the last one on the menu, but it is rediscovered fun by accessing several different types of tests, in which we will have to stamp the car against signals to get points or collect watches by all the ways of a track to add seconds to the counter, avoiding those that remain, besides being able to travel the tracks of the DirtFish driving school in Washington freely.


All of them serve to give some dynamism to the whole and in the personalized championships they can alternate, but the rally remains the undisputed protagonist. The repetition of stages of DiRT Rally that could be one of the biggest problems for th


e most dedicated player and with more hours behind him, is here rewarded with a circuit system in stages somewhat shorter, but more nume


rous, with rallies in Michigan (USA), Australia, Wales, Spainand Sweden . The pronounced difference between the number of stages with respect to DiRT Rally is thanks to one of the most important novelties of this new delivery: the system of stage creation .


DiRT 4

Offers an accessible and demanding experience

With just a single button and selecting the length of the section and the complexity of the route, DiRT 4 generates a circuit automatically to which we can vary from location, time of day and weather. The same system that has been used for the gen

eration of these random stages is the one used by Codemasters for the circuits that come in their Championship modes, which have the peculiarity of following a well-defined algorithm that avoids at all costs the repetition of sections and heights, so that an avid player can not learn any segment separately and then put the puzzle together.



DiRT 4

The circuit generation system will delight anyone who wants an eternal game, but can sometimes be too familiar.

The generation of automatic circuits, beyond my estimates on the comparison of the physics between DiRT 4 and Rally, will be the one that overturns the balance of the community. On the one hand, we have a game that can be practically infinite, since the algorithm explained above will ensure that you always have a new circuit that is different from the p


revious one. However, the craftsmanship put into the circuits of a driving game is always held in very high esteem. You only need to look at the long and steep stages of Greece in DiRT Rally, with its ascending and descending forks of the mountain and its incredible views to realize it. In DiRT 4, the homogeneitypremium in short and long distances.


On the sides you will always see prairie or forest, with little pronunciation in the heights and types of edges on the road. Little by little, it invades the feeling of dèja vu that makes you think that “I’ve been through here”. Personality is then lost in pursuit of quantity. But again, many players of the previous delivery ended up somewhat tired of repeating the same stage, and this system seems designed to please them.